Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Do You Need Distance Vision Lenses?

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How short-sighted we are as mothers when we fail to see the long-term consequences of putting the idea in the hearts of our children that ANY earthly pleasure is worth compromising faithfulness to God! When that beautiful sixteen year old daughter is 54 years old, will it matter whether she was a cheerleader in high school?! Will it matter whether she learned that true success is living her life and going to heaven?  Will it matter when that son is out in the business world whether he played in the district tournament on that Wednesday night when he was fourteen? Will it matter whether or not he learned to be faithful to God? When that beauty queen has married and had three babies, will her children need to see the trophies to think she is pretty?  Or would they think she was beautiful if they could see God in her?

Some of us need to get a spiritual eye exam. Lots of us need a new prescription for long distance vision. My daughter has been out of high school for one year. To those of you who are just preparing to do those middle and high school years, let me tell you a secret. One year out of high school, it will matter very little to your daughter whether she was in the “in group” or the “not-so-in group”. She’ll likely have a whole new group of friends. One year out of high school she will view proms and dances and high school parties as really very insignificant events in the scheme of life. She will have moved on quickly from high school drama (and it’s a very dramatic world in high school) and responsibilities. But she will not have moved on from her responsibilities to God. For which are you preparing her? That football star moves quickly from being a big fish in a small high school pond to being a little fish in a big collegiate sports sea. The glamour of stardom fades quickly.  How will he fare in running that race which has eternal consequences?

(Taken from “Women of Troubled Times” Cindy Colley, Publishing Designs, Huntsville, AL)
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