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Here’s the Link for the New Digging Deep Study…. 5 More Days!

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Whenever I drive, I grow, spiritually. The thumb drive in my SUV right now is PTP 2017 and I’m getting very close to having listened to the entire program for that year—scores and scores of Bible lessons packed with sound doctrine and practical tools for making my life better and richer in His service. Today I heard Sandra Oliver dispensing wisdom for elders’ wives. It was a blessing to me and I’m not even an elder’s wife. 

This is the week that lots of readers would normally be convening in Sevierville, Tennessee for this annual spiritual highlight called Polishing the Pulpit. If you’re a regular, you’re missing it this week. You are wishing we could all be there together. There will be no replacement for the fellowship from which we all gain stamina and renewal, for it just cannot be replaced. It’s just the next best thing to heaven!

If you’re not a regular, there’s a great opportunity for you to get a taste of the spiritual feasting that’s the focus of Polishing the Pulpit. You can do that this year right from your home. It’s hard to believe that creative teams have put together virtual renditions of almost every type of class or workshop that’s normally available onsite. There will be classes for children, teens, women and preachers. There will be elder workshops, Family Bible time segments and so much more! 

This year’s keynote schedule (which begins on Friday, August 14th) is here, along with access to the program through PTP365:

Finally, remember August 18th at 7pm CST is the big kick-off session for the 2020-21 edition of Digging Deep. We need this study this year! I hope you can join us. Here’s the youtube link. Go ahead and click now, bookmark it and set a reminder for this date and time! I’ve tried to be sure you’ll hear everything you need to know for this year’s study. Meanwhile, keep digging as we conclude the current study OF glory TO His glory!


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