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Digging Deep…Let’s Get back to “Precedented”

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I’ll be thrilled when we can get these massive housekeeping chores out of the way. The mailing of the books this year has been a chaos like our household has rarely seen. We are trying to answer queries and replace lost books, but it’s important that you know, that there’s an unprecedented delay in delivery of books via USPS this year. Some are arriving in a fairly timely manner and many are arriving a full three to four weeks after being mailed out. I’m so ready for “precedented” again on all fronts in our land. “Unprecedented” has not been fun. 

Tons of t-shirts/hoodies are going out today! (Tons is a hyperbole, but a truck-bed of them…) These should get to you a little more quickly than the books. If you have a book AND t-shirt/hoodie that were BOTH on back-order, we are HOPING to get those books THIS weekend and get them quickly to you. We will be forever glad to get through these orders and have everything on its way. We’ve made several mistakes on our end—things like omitting something that should have been in the package or sending you the same thing twice. But you have  (100 percent of you) been patient and kind and both of us are marveling at your grace toward us. I’m so glad there’s the free download to get everyone started while you are forbearing. 

The Dig-a-Bits are coming your way. The first one is up on the DD facebook page. Watch there for others. The first video podcast is September 29th at 7 CST. Podcasts are found here:  We are hoping everyone who ordered a book early on can have her book in hand by that date. 

There are some very helpful contributions from many women for this month’s study on the DD page. I would recommend that everyone take thirty minutes sometime before September ends to scroll through and make sure you’ve gotten everything you need from this month’s study. This month is simply a treasure trove on that page for studying the holiness of Jehovah. Thanks for those helpful resources. 

Please do subscribe to this blog if you are digging. Often there will be an update or resource or assignment clarifier here.

Finally (and this is probably the most difficult thing that Diggers do)…stick with the study. It’s easy to commit with zeal, but much more challenging to do the eternally rewarding year-long trek that takes you to a new level of spiritual strength, Spiritual health is the most important kind of wellness, by far and away. NOTHING compares with Bible study to keep women in the peaceful sphere of hope and comfort. We have women who are studying along with stage four cancer. We have women whose lives have been forever changed by tragic accidents that have taken mobility. We have women who are struggling year after year because husbands did not accept truth when they (wives) became Christians. We have women who are faithfully taking truth from the Word to prisons. We have those who are working in areas where poverty is palpable in the faces of women who are studying. We have women who have lost their way, but are returning through confession and renewed study and growth. We have teens who are using the study to counter the world’s philosophies that manifest themselves in seemingly every media outlet and in every peer group to which they turn. We have women who are studying along in search of salvation. Digging Deep is a refuge in a world of strait places. (For that matter, the Word, in any faithful method of study, is that storm shelter for life.) 

We are missing so much that comforts in this year of strange things. Hang in there. Make it your goal to persevere through just two months of this deep study. We think you’ll be changed…and hooked!


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