Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Fond PTP Memories

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It’s six days till the official beginning of PTP. I remember once hearing brother Windell Winkler say that PTP founder Allen Webster is the single most creative man he’d  ever met. My husband and I concur and just keep being amazed . Between his tracts that have influenced thousands, his dream that just kept growing for this powerful gathering that has strengthened the church in large ways worldwide, and the impact of the publication called House to House, Heart to Heart, it almost certainly has to be said that more people have learned the gospel though his work than through the work of any man living in this century; perhaps more than through any man since the first century. This is not to detract from the hard work and amazing talents of the other directors, etc… but the imagination for the instruments we see is from God through our brother Webster. I know it is because the focus of each of these gospel-sharing tools is the Word and the cross. There’s never any sought glory for any man or even any congregation. I hope you are taking advantage of opportunities through Door-knocking day 2022 ( or the Great Smoky Mountain Marriage Retreat (, through one of the Spark programs (, or through PTP 365 ( You will be better prepared to share the saving message. 

In honor of the very exciting week ahead, here are 10 favorite little memories that we carry from this great gathering.They are not the largest thing we take-away, of course—that would be spiritual growth that we need so desperately in this old world.  

I hope you’re coming. 2019 was too long ago. I pray we never have to skip another year!

  1. Each newly-walking grandchild walking across the stage in the interim between lessons. (We just want to get their steps going in the right direction.) We’re praying fervently that they will all be faithful all of their lives.
  2. That one year when  the audio tech got criss-crossed and my husband introduced my son, saying he would lead the opening prayer. Caleb opened his mouth at the microphone and his mother’s voice came blaring forth from a ballroom down the hall. 
  3. The first year there was a women’s program and we had just 12 or so women and Hannah was THE whole entire children’s program. Wow! We have been blessed in the interim since those days. 
  4. The eclipse of 2018. The way we got to witness that phenomenon together.
  5. That year (2011) that I did four little lessons about Digging Deep that, unbeknownst to me, would turn into a 12-year in-depth study of Scripture by women around the world. What in the world?!  God never stops amazing and blessing. 
  6. That year when Digger Doug napped in our hotel room and somehow children found out and kept coming to our door to politely ask for a photo with him.
  7. Maggie’s first birthday party at PTP.
  8. Tonja McRady or Vicky Yocum playing a fruit of the Spirit game with Colleyanna  and Ezra while babysitting them during her parents’ “single-mingle.” Colleyanna said : We can’t play with that “Goodness!” piece because that is a word we cannot say. 
  9. Finding my Dickson in the Sevierville church sound room after its being missing for two years!
  10. That sweet year when we honored my dear friend and brother William Woodson, but he slipped from the bonds of this earth before the date of the celebration. Oh, what an alternative honor and celebration. I love the happy reunion of PTP, but how I hope I can attend THE reunion!

I hope you’re coming. Your memories will be yours. But they will be just as precious!

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