Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Don’t Raise Kids Without It

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I’ve sat across from a few too many moms who’ve told me with tears streaming down their faces that their fifteen to twenty year old children no longer believe in God. The devil has used his adherents in the worlds of academia, entertainment, and politics to give credence to a theory of origins neither proven nor provable. He has used his tactics of intimidation to try to make those of us who believe in an intelligent designer of the Universe feel as though we are vastly outnumbered, outsmarted and extremely out of touch with reality.

But nothing could be farther from the truth. We as Christian moms are so blessed to have at our fingertips a wealth of information that can show us the research we need to answer the “textbook truths” of evolution to which our children will be exposed. Find the stories of highly intelligent and accomplished scientists who believe(d) in God. Find up-to-date archaeological evidence that the Bible is from God. Discover the detailed and complete historical accuracy of the Bible. Find the answers to questions about the age of the earth and whether dinosaurs co-existed with men. Find out the secrets of science that are NOT being printed in textbooks—secrets that severely damage or destroy the credibility of the theory of Organic Evolution. Find age appropriate materials to help inform and prepare your kids to face the foes of their faith.

My mom did not have this amazing resource. I am so thankful I did. It’s Don’t raise kids without it. It’s free. It’s user friendly and it just might make an eternal difference in the hearts of your children.

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