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…And while we are speaking of Apologetics Press, let me tell you the holiday project from AP about which I am most excited. It’s a brand new, just-being-released CD called Digger Doug’s Underground Rocks. It’s not your usual kids worship songs. In fact it’s not worship songs at all. It’s a rocking CD about science and it gives your kids the basics for refuting the theory of Organic evolution in pumped-up, imaginative “School House Rock” style tunes. It’s about the fossil record, the second law of thermodynamics, the design/designer principle, and just tons of stuff your kids will learn without the pain of learning. This is the CD that Digger Doug and Iguana Don fans are going to devour. I’m not sure of the exact date of release, but you can find out at the AP website listed in the previous post. You can also get it at Colley Books.

And when you get it, if you listen carefully, you can hear Yours Truly in the back up section of at least one song (and that was great fun)!  I wish I had been able to play this CD in the car when my kids were growing up. I’m getting a copy for my SUV anyway. Be impressed when I’m able to talk intelligently about geology (in rhymes) in a future post.

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