Who are we?

When we launched The Colley House, we were a family of four just trying to do our little part in spreading the Good News that saves men. In fact our “About Us” section began by saying “We’re just a regular family of four with a cat and we really do have a white picket fence.” Well, we’re doubling our efforts with a family of eight now. (There’s still one cat and now a dog between us all, and there’s still a white picket fence, too.)

But now we live in three houses. We, Glenn and Cindy, live in Huntsville, Alabama where Glenn preaches for the West Huntsville church of Christ (www.westhuntsville.org). Our daughter, Hannah, and her husband, Ben Giselbach, now live in Columbus, Georgia, where Ben preaches for the Edgewood church and is a Ben’s website is www.plainsimplefaith.com and it’s packed with timely and easily shareable truth about New Testament Christianity. Hannah’s site is www.theheartofhannah.com. It’s all about practical Christian wifehood and motherhood and friendship and purity and so much more. Ben and Hannah are the parents of our favorite red-head, Ezra, and our sweet new granddaughter, Colleyanna. (You can ask us about them when you have a long time to talk…or rather, to listen.) Our son, Caleb, recently married Rebekah Meinsen and they now live in Marietta, Georgia, where Caleb preaches for the Macland Road church (www.maclandroadchurchofchrist.org) and teaches in the Georgia School of Preaching (www.gsoponline.org). His website is www.calebcolley.com, where you can read his Restore articles about faith, fidelity, family and even film.

We know that we’ve been blessed beyond measure when we think about our son-in-law and our new daughter-in-law. We are thankful for and to the Giselbach family and the Meinsen family for raising devoted and godly children and we are so thankful they are sharing them with us. All four of these, our children, are graduates of Freed Hardeman University. In addition Caleb earned a Masters degree in Liberal Arts at Faulkner University and a PhD in Philosophy at the University of South Carolina.

Thanks for visiting The Colley House. We hope you’ll help us get the Word out…His Word. We invite you to the seminars and gospel meetings in various areas of the country. Feel free to message us for details. If you’re a woman in search of deeper Bible study, be sure to check out the Digging Deep Bible study in the For Women section of this site. Cindy’s blog, Bless Your Heart, is also there.

We’re constantly blessed by the encouragement we receive from people all over the world who are in God’s family. There are many ways in which the internet has given us a closeness with our family in Him that was impossible in previous generations. We’re blessed by you and we pray that good can come through this site. The materials you find here are not new ideas. All of the good ideas are in His Word. We’ve just re-worded, expounded on and illustrated eternal truths from that Book of books. We’ve tried to make all of the books, DVDs and CDs practical tools for studying and obeying the Bible. You’ll read about family experiences that will hopefully help you avoid our mistakes and learn from our experiences. We know that ultimate success is living our lives and going to heaven… period! We surely don’t have all the answers as marriage partners or as parents, but the Eternal Parent does! We pray daily that God will use every tool you find on this site for His eternal glory. Let us know if we can help make His glory the focus of your family.