Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Winner #4: Aurelia Wright–Saving Gas Money & Saving Souls

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Aurelia’s simple service suggestion:

Find a co-worker to carpool with. With gas prices rising they may need a helping hand in saving money on the trip to work. Not only will it help them financially but you will be able to help them spiritually by sharing the gospel on your ride to work.

There are so many things I love about this one, but the best thing about this is its soul-saving potential. Of course, the greatest service we can do for anyone is to bring her the news that will secure her soul in safety for eternity. While we often cannot/would not bring the gospel without filling the physical needs, we surely fill needs for a relatively small benefit if we do not bring the gospel, too. Sin’s ruin and chaos in life brings darkness and death, creating the greatest need of all. When lovingly dealing with those outside the body, always remember the big goal: heaven.

I love this idea, secondly, because it is born of faith. It’s so good when we give information (via blessing bags or when we randomly buy meals) to the homeless or to those who are begging for donations. It’s a great work when we pass out tracts at the fair or at the nursing home or funeral home. But forming relationships of trust and comfort with the end goal of showing and teaching Christianity is, while time intensive, an even more valuable and “trackable” way to share the good news. We can do both– those kinds of evangelism where we do not get to know the receiving souls AND the kind where we are developing relationships while sharing the gospel.

Thank-you Aurelia! Teach on!

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