When My Cup Overflows

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Red Kool-aid on the carpet, Fruit Loops on the floor,
Magic Marker on the wall, mud prints at the door,
The whining of a toddler, the mood swings of a teen,
The non-stop chatter about trivia of the one that’s in-between.

The youngest won’t let you out of his sight.  He eternally tugs at your blouse.
The oldest pretends not to know you at all.  She’d rather you’d stay in the house.
The day in and day out of being a mom; the pains and misgivings of growing;
The messes and stresses are just evidence that my blessing cup’s overflowing.

This house is too big.  I can’t keep it clean!
The dishwasher’s been broken and now the washing machine!
I’ve got way too much email…no time to reply.
I’ll never do all this ironing, so I won’t even try.

I pick up the paper and read of a drought:
A whole country in Asia where food’s running out.
Why did I complain?  We’ve food to keep healthy,
A big house that’s warm, good friends—We are wealthy!

Lord, help me remember, My father’s a King.
I’m an heir in Your kingdom!  You own everything!
Stop me from murmuring, Lord. Let me look up
From blessings innumerable poured in my cup.

Let me see you, Father, in the riches you give.
May I multiply them each day that I live.
If I can give comfort instead of just seeking it;
If some word could help some soul just in my speaking it;

Help me to know it, Lord. Help me to see
Each golden chance that you offer to me.
Fill up my cup, Lord, but each time I drink,
As I taste of your mercies, O Lord, make me think.

Someone is thirsty, Lord; someone my heart knows.
Show me that cup, Lord, when mine overflows.

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