Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Tips for Growing Closer as Sisters

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  1. Bake 24 cupcakes to take to Wednesday night services. Put them in separate baggies and attach a Bible verse that contains the word sweet. Then have your kids pass them out to the widows, single moms and/or lonely sisters. If you don’t have kids, do it with another sister.
  2. Purchase a poster board and write a cheery message in large letters to a sister who is sick at home, hospitalized or in the nursing home. Then bring the poster to worship with you and have all the sisters sign their names and little cheer notes. Then take a sister along to visit and hang the poster for your convalescing sister.
  3. Find an elderly sister who needs a cheer-visit. Then go find a young sister who would be happy to get her toddler out from under foot for an hour. Take the toddler to visit the elderly sister. Bring along a little gift for the toddler to give the older woman.
  4. Go to the thrift store and buy three pretty plates. Wash them and fill them with homemade muffins, cookies or candy. Then bring them to services to three college-aged sisters. Attach a note that says, “Please recycle this plate…bake a roll of Nestle’s Toll House, refill the plate and bring it back to pass along to an aged sister.” You can even give the college student the cookie dough when you give her the plate, if you want.
  5. Bake sourdough bread. Find recipe and instructions at TheColleyHouse. You can bake it all up if you want and not worry about keeping it going. Bring your foil-wrapped, ribbon tied loaves to worship with you and just randomly pass them out to sisters who look like they’ve had a rough day or morning. (You don’t have to tell them they look rough!)
  6. Bring six stamped, addressed notes to worship. Leave the cards inside blank and have them pre-addressed to an unfaithful sister. Pass out the cards to six sisters at worship and have them write a Gal.6:1 kind of note to encourage the erring sister and mail from home. Choose stationery for all six cards of different shapes, sizes and designs.
  7. Make a bulletin board that highlights ladies activities. Just get permission from your elders and go at it. Try to include happy photos and lots of joy!
  8. Take note of the good things that are being done by your ministers’ wives and your elders’ wives, church secretary or “janitoress.” You might want to do your children’s Bible class teachers, instead.  Have your children go and give them a sweet coffee mug with a bag of tea and a note that says. “You deserve a break for tea! Thanks for all you do!” Tie a ribbon on the handle of the mug! If you don’t have children, go at this yourself.
  9. For Halloween, instead of trick or treating the whole evening, set aside a time to let your kids take fruit treats to elderly sisters. Let them wear their cute costumes to give instead of just taking! This is a great thing for college sisters to pair up and do with the kids of the congregation.
  10. Have a “sister sing” at somebody’s house. Record the singing. This is usually some of the prettiest a cappella music you will hear. Then listen to your sisters praise God together when you are riding in your car.
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