Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

The Morning After–Can I Get This off my Chest?

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While being fully aware of the of the injunctions in Romans 13 about the duty of Christians to be subject to civil authorities, let us be clear. There is a huge difference between being subject to higher powers and endorsing them. I’m hearing a lot of double-speak about coming together now and being supportive of President Obama. If supporting him means being respectful of his office and living within the confines of the law, so long as the law does nor require disobedience to God, then I’m supportive. But if being supportive means my personal stamp of approval on or support of the policies that I have so vigorously opposed before the election, then I am totally unsupportive. To say that “we can put our differences behind us” or that “since America has spoken, we must concede our ideals” is to say we must lay our Bibles down and join the ranks of “the fearful and the unbelieving, the abominable and all liars”…and they are the ones who “will have their part in the lake that burns with fire and brimstone, which is the second death” (Rev.21:8). The administration that has championed abortion and homosexuality is still that administration. The party that had so much trouble putting God anywhere in the platform is still that party. Any woman of integrity cannot simply stop the battle against what God views as sin simply because America has spoken. To do so is to renounce our lasting citizenship in the kingdom of heaven for a temporary unification in an extremely temporal kingdom of men. We must continue the war; not wrestling against flesh and blood (physical combat), but “against principalities and powers. against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places” (Eph. 6:12). If ever there was “spiritual wickedness in high places, the time is now. (Take a look at the new senator from Wisconsin.) We may come to the realization one day that we have lost the country. We, in truth, may already be there. We may have to surrender our freedom to practice Christianity. Our pulpits are already dangerously close to losing the freedom to say what the Bible says about homosexuality. But should the day come when we can be incarcerated or even killed for practicing and speaking the truth, we will still practice and speak the truth.

Reaching across the aisle is good, in some cases. But, friends, if God is in the aisle, we do not reach across Him (in either direction) and compromise with the world.If compromise in politics means I surrender principles for “progress”, I do not compromise. I do not make concessions with the enemy at the expense of truth. Millions are exultant about the addition of the first lesbian ever to be seated in our United States Senate. LGBT groups are celebrating their champion’s victory. Planned Parenthood is rejoicing that their funding will continue to come from taxpayers. Ladies, Christian women cannot, must not decide that we are going to “get behind” this administration and “work together” to achieve its goals. Its goals are not our goals. It’s goals are, by and large, oppositional to the moral fiber of our land.

I love America. I cannot ever fully appreciate the lives surrendered in behalf of freedom in this great country. I pray every day for her leaders and for her future. But I love God more than I love America. When America does fall, and she will if the world stands long enough, I will still claim citizenship in the kingdom of heaven, where there is no aisle…just a throne around which all gather and bow.

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