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Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Fairview Purity Day!–March 9th.

I know you look around and see so many good things to do. I’ve already been invited to more than one event on the ninth of March. But let me tell you…I doubt you will find a more beneficial one if you have daughters between 10 and 20, than this one at Fairview  in Pulaski, Tennessee. In fact, even if you have boys, it would be a great thing for you to experience, so that you can better show them the characteristics they should be searching for in the ladies they spend time with and, one day, marry.

Oh, I know. I’ve heard it just like you have. “Purity days are not how we should teach our girls about waiting for marriage to have sex. In fact, when we keep emphasizing purity, we diminish from the healthy joy of sex, once our girls marry.”

That’s a theory that is simply untrue. Oh, we must constantly tell them that God has saved the best for his children. We, as mamas, must teach them about their sexuality and about how God has reserved that wonderful act, where one man and one woman share the most intimate act known to humanity, for marriage. We must make sure they know about and look forward to the physical union  that God made for much more than just procreation. These conversations come naturally to mothers who are growing pure hearts in little girls. But to say that a big group of girls learning together about cultivating a heart of holiness in a world of eye-candy and  expected sex in dating relationships, is a waste of time–well, that is absurdity.

If your kids are in school, they are hearing the devil’s message about sexuality at every turn. If they are on social media, at all, they are feeling the pull. If they watch any amount of indiscriminate videos online or television (cable or screened), they are getting the sexuality bullet-points from the devil. I’m just saying any immunization from the message that is being shouted all around them about relativism and sexuality, is worth your time and attention. It’s worth your drive.

I’m not sure exactly what topics will be covered on that day. But I know the ladies who are planning this. I know their deep love for their daughters. I know the spiritual-minded nature of their  Bible-focused hearts. I know it will be where I’d want to be, if I could, with my teen-aged daughter. Here you go…


Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

More than just the Study…

I hope you are loving the study of “The Crown” as much as I am; not because of who compiled the great thoughts of the Holy Spirit for our consideration this year, but because of Who authored them for our compilation. This month what is smacking me in the face as I read and study is the humility of the crown-wearer; the thorn-crown wearer. I can’t wait to talk about him. As this hits your inbox or your Facebook scroll, it will be just a day until podcast day. Don’t forget it’s Tuesday at 7 CST.

My good friend Larianne Stutts, from Orange Park, FL recently shared this photo with me. She took the “Practically Speaking” assignment from Month 4 of our study, tweaked it just a bit, and planned a brunch for teen girls in the church where she lives. The purpose was to discuss the Goliaths in their lives and give insights on how to slay them. The assignment read as follows:

Have a teen girls’ devotional in your home. Discuss 1 Samuel 17 and have the girls discuss the giants that they face in their lives during the formidable teen years.

She said she expected 5-10 girls. Here’s the photo of the attendees. (But then Israel never expected a dead giant on the ground at the end of the day, either!) Our God is so big, so strong and so mighty. There’s nothing our God cannot do!

I love that about Digging Deep. It’s more than a study. It’s a bond. A world-wide bond. I spoke with two women about this bond yesterday and I am 500 miles or so from home. It’s a catalyst for service. It’s the most encouraging human “thing” in my life. It is HIS word making headway in me.

As I look out my window in Asheville, NC this morning, there are giant flakes of snow falling. If you want to think more about His snowfall, think (and thank) here Maybe you are looking out your window at snow today, too. This is what I saw…So fun!

One thing’s for sure. If you are looking out your window at all, you are looking at Him–the One who made you and then put on skin so that He could save you! If there’s ever anything I can do to help you to heaven, I’m all about that!


Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Meridianville Girls’ Day!

It’s set for May 20th. It’s for girls– junior high and up. This day will include fellowship, service, and singing. But, most importantly, it will remind and convict your daughters of their worth; the “why” of their resolve to be set apart from this world. Even the terms “holiness” and “righteousness” have an archaic and awkward ring in the ears of teen girls today. They live in a world that’s largely antagonistic to their commitment to Christ. This reminder of how much they are loved by the One who assigns ultimate worth will be valuable in decision-making to your daughters over and over again. There will be practical sessions for moms and mentors while the girls’ sessions are happening. The Bible will be at the heart of every part of this day.

Our girls will not learn their true value at school or from the media or peer groups. They will not grasp it in a day. But this day will be a tangible moment of building. It will be a day that could be hugely important in your daughter’s path heavenward (…your’s, too!). Here are the details. When you click you will see three tracks including schedules– for junior high and senior high and ladies. If you can make this trip, it will help you on your life’s most important trip!

Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

This! Girl’s Day.

If you just have one mother-daughter trip left for 2022, make it this one! I can’t say enough good things about what our teen girls do to make this available every third year. I can’t say enough about the importance of sharing times like these in a world in which the devil is seeking to devour. But only you can put your girls in this place on this important day. Here’s the info you need. Also read to the bottom and click the “f” for facebook sharing. 

Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Exciting Digger Day!

As I write it’s approaching midnight and tomorrow (Tuesday) at 7 CST is the announcement of our new study. I feel almost like tomorrow is a scheduled labor induction and that by 7:30 tomorrow night, there will be a baby in the bassinet beside my bed! Part of me is just that keyed-up and the rest of me is at peace, knowing that He’s in charge here and I’ve done all I can do, with lots of help from the Lord and some of His faithful daughters (and even sons) to prepare a study that will make the tenth year of Digging Deep a blessing of growth for us–not because there’s any power in any work I could do, but because there’s infinite power in the work of His Holy Spirit.

I also want to say this. These amazing teen girls (and maybe more and maybe even younger than 13) have accomplished much in the study of His glory this year. They’ve challenged their moms to hang in there. They have grown in their love for the Word and in their meek hearts of submission to it. I love them all and I just want to say this:

If these hearts can be strong enough to diligently commit to a study about the glory of God in a world that offers distractions to teens that are colossal in both their power of allurement and their destructive force, those of us who’ve witnessed His faithfulness and providence for many years should be able to commit to faithful study of the most important material we can access! So, whether you’re studying our Digging Deep theme this year or another Biblical one of your choosing, let’s learn from these amazing young women. There’s a light for our paths that can only be “switched on” when we are in the Word. The benefits and ramifications of being there are life-changing and eternity-sealing.

Thank you, Melanie and Ella Pinedo…



Thank you, Kaitlyn Epling…

Thank you, Ansley Marshall…

Thank you, Rebekah Armes…

Thank-you, Abby Crocker…

(I’m working on getting a photo for this spot!)


…I think i can do this, too!

Watch here tonight at 7! #dd202021


Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

“Mugs & Muffins” for Mentorship

I’ve heard of several churches that have some monthly or quarterly women’s gathering called Mugs & Muffins (tea/coffee, muffins, and time in the word or in fellowship). It’s a great catalyst for growing closer and  learning to serve each other.

Our Mugs & Muffins happened last Saturday and I wanted to share its focus here, just in case there’s another little tribe of His women who’d like to encourage in this same way. 

Our teen guys get lots of opportunities to lead in worship. At West Huntsville, a different teen reads scripture for the church each Sunday night. Often our Wednesday evening song leader is a teen. And each Wednesday the closing prayer is led by a teen. There’s always a little team of teens serving communion each Sunday. Then there are multiple devotionals and activities throughout each week in which our guys are leading. 

But the girls love leading in girl group settings. There just aren’t as many of those opportunities. While the settings in which girls can scripturally lead songs and offer audible prayers, do not occur as frequently, there are ladies’ retreats, ladies’ days, purity days, ladies’ nights out, Dorcas classes, moms’ meetings, lads-to-leaders girls’ study sessions, Bible-marking classes for teen girls, other girls-only classes and ladies’ prayer groups (all of these happen at West Huntsville). So there is a great need for girls to develop a comfort zone that allows them to lead in worship without trepidation. 

Mugs & Muffins, created here by some of the teen leaders and moms, is a venue that is just for this purpose. It’s a Saturday morning mini-brunch (muffins are made by the girls and their moms) and then an hour of praising God, reading His Word, and praying to Him…all led by our young girls. The encouragement, in full-size servings from the older women, is a natural result. Lots of hugs, pats-on-the back, and little “such-a great-job” notes follow Mugs & Muffins. 

Here are a couple of photos from our last Mugs & Muffins. Numbers were a bit down due to our winter “family flu”. (We’re praying to get through with this kind of “sharing” soon!)

One of the teens came directly to me after Mugs & Muffins. Knowing that I was hosting ladies’-night-out at my house, she said “Is there anything I can do to help you on Monday night?” That’s the spirit of this Mugs & Muffins.

Have a great week serving  Him.