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Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Exciting Digger Day!

As I write it’s approaching midnight and tomorrow (Tuesday) at 7 CST is the announcement of our new study. I feel almost like tomorrow is a scheduled labor induction and that by 7:30 tomorrow night, there will be a baby in the bassinet beside my bed! Part of me is just that keyed-up and the rest of me is at peace, knowing that He’s in charge here and I’ve done all I can do, with lots of help from the Lord and some of His faithful daughters (and even sons) to prepare a study that will make the tenth year of Digging Deep a blessing of growth for us–not because there’s any power in any work I could do, but because there’s infinite power in the work of His Holy Spirit.

I also want to say this. These amazing teen girls (and maybe more and maybe even younger than 13) have accomplished much in the study of His glory this year. They’ve challenged their moms to hang in there. They have grown in their love for the Word and in their meek hearts of submission to it. I love them all and I just want to say this:

If these hearts can be strong enough to diligently commit to a study about the glory of God in a world that offers distractions to teens that are colossal in both their power of allurement and their destructive force, those of us who’ve witnessed His faithfulness and providence for many years should be able to commit to faithful study of the most important material we can access! So, whether you’re studying our Digging Deep theme this year or another Biblical one of your choosing, let’s learn from these amazing young women. There’s a light for our paths that can only be “switched on” when we are in the Word. The benefits and ramifications of being there are life-changing and eternity-sealing.

Thank you, Melanie and Ella Pinedo…



Thank you, Kaitlyn Epling…

Thank you, Ansley Marshall…

Thank you, Rebekah Armes…

Thank-you, Abby Crocker…

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Watch here tonight at 7! #dd202021


Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

“Mugs & Muffins” for Mentorship

I’ve heard of several churches that have some monthly or quarterly women’s gathering called Mugs & Muffins (tea/coffee, muffins, and time in the word or in fellowship). It’s a great catalyst for growing closer and  learning to serve each other.

Our Mugs & Muffins happened last Saturday and I wanted to share its focus here, just in case there’s another little tribe of His women who’d like to encourage in this same way. 

Our teen guys get lots of opportunities to lead in worship. At West Huntsville, a different teen reads scripture for the church each Sunday night. Often our Wednesday evening song leader is a teen. And each Wednesday the closing prayer is led by a teen. There’s always a little team of teens serving communion each Sunday. Then there are multiple devotionals and activities throughout each week in which our guys are leading. 

But the girls love leading in girl group settings. There just aren’t as many of those opportunities. While the settings in which girls can scripturally lead songs and offer audible prayers, do not occur as frequently, there are ladies’ retreats, ladies’ days, purity days, ladies’ nights out, Dorcas classes, moms’ meetings, lads-to-leaders girls’ study sessions, Bible-marking classes for teen girls, other girls-only classes and ladies’ prayer groups (all of these happen at West Huntsville). So there is a great need for girls to develop a comfort zone that allows them to lead in worship without trepidation. 

Mugs & Muffins, created here by some of the teen leaders and moms, is a venue that is just for this purpose. It’s a Saturday morning mini-brunch (muffins are made by the girls and their moms) and then an hour of praising God, reading His Word, and praying to Him…all led by our young girls. The encouragement, in full-size servings from the older women, is a natural result. Lots of hugs, pats-on-the back, and little “such-a great-job” notes follow Mugs & Muffins. 

Here are a couple of photos from our last Mugs & Muffins. Numbers were a bit down due to our winter “family flu”. (We’re praying to get through with this kind of “sharing” soon!)

One of the teens came directly to me after Mugs & Muffins. Knowing that I was hosting ladies’-night-out at my house, she said “Is there anything I can do to help you on Monday night?” That’s the spirit of this Mugs & Muffins.

Have a great week serving  Him.

Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Ladies after Christ’s Example–L.A.C.E!…Register now!

It’s not often that I attach this blog to an event unconnected to The Colley House or to the West Huntsville church, but I am so certain that this one will be worth your time if you are a young women who is all-the-way-through striving to be all-in for our Lord, that I want to use any little influence I might have to promote this one. My friend Kinley Goodwin has worked hard, along with some helpers, I’m sure, to make this an event that will end in the ultimate salvation of souls. It’s a weekend packed full of evangelism training– it’s about what you as a young Christian woman can do to bring souls to the Lord. It will be powerful in doctrine and motivation. It will be what you are missing if you love Him, but have never brought another soul to be washed in His blood. I hope you will think about going if you are a teen girl. I hope you will think about getting your group to go if you are influential with young girls in your church. Here’s the info for registration:

It’s in Childersburg, Alabama, You might never have been to little Childersburg, but it just could be a small town stop on your way to glory! If  you only attend for the Christian fellowship, it’d probably be worth the trip. But it could be about a whole lot more than having a great time with godly people. It just might be about attending eternity with godly people. It could be all about your attendance around the throne… and bringing someone with you there!

Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

THIS!…New book in Rebekah Colley’s series: TRACING HIM

Tracing Him, the second book in Rebekah Colley’s series for teen girls, has arrived and is ready for distribution for His glory. Those of you who have already seen the growth of girls who studied Finding Him last year, will not be disappointed by this second book in the series, designed to give girls, not merely a glimpse of what holiness looks like in young lives, but why we should desire a relationship with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. This one gives girls a picture of God working through all of history to give them the anchor of hope that they so desperately need in a society gone awry in subjectivism and outright rebellion against authority. 

Tracing Him walks readers through history—His story—beginning with Genesis 1:1 and picking up redemption’s thread in the history of His people through which came the Messiah. It proceeds, then, into the best part of the story, His incarnation and its profound effect on the world since that time when God walked among men in human form. In a powerful way, then, Rebekah traces God’s power in lives through the Christian age, to our present day and gives young readers great hope for living forever with their heavenly Father. This is what you want for your teen girls in a world in which the devil is stripping teens of purpose and contentment.  By the time the girls get to this part, having read, reacted and reflected, as Rebekah leads them to think systematically, yet with emotion, about God, I believe they will want to study His word for themselves. In short, I believe Tracing Him is a needed catalyst for the  desire for study. Somewhere, along the line, my generation largely lost the fervor to know God’s Word. Rebekah is intent on putting that desire in young girls who read this volume.  No matter what your girls intend to do in future years, this basic knowledge of God’s work for their souls, in all eras of time, will be foundational to faithfulness. It will bless your grandchildren! Best of all, the profound truths in Tracing Him are just what God intended: simple enough to understand, and yet, profound enough to save their  souls. That’s what every mom is looking for in a book for teen girls!

I am so thankful for faith tools for our girls today. This is one I can recommend without reservation. It’s best for groups, but, if you don’t have a group, don’t miss out on the personal growth that’s in this volume. 

This book will be available at PTP and it will appear on the website next Tuesday afternoon. It will be available in a Digging Deep bundle or for purchasing separately. 

I’m praying for daughters around the throne as a result of this book. 

Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

“Finding Him”…One More Thing

One more thing about Rebekah Colley’s new book “Finding Him”. It’s truly great preparation for baptism for your 11-13 year olds. I’m not presumptuous enough to assume that you do not know when your girls are mature enough for that step that takes them from the world and into the kingdom of Christ. But, as someone who lived through that precarious time in my kids’ lives, I know we are thankful for every tool that helps us and, most of all, helps our children to know when obedience to the gospel is truly obedience, rather than the fulfillment of a parental expectation, a conformity to a group of peers or an emotional response that’s largely void of understanding.

This book is about the foundational appreciation for the sacrifice of our God and the building of a real relationship with Him that is the construct of true devotion that lasts a lifetime. It’s not too lofty for your 11-year-old, though.

Maybe best of all is the availability of a chatroom where girls can discuss any questions and concerns with the author. She is studied and, best of all, has the eternal interests of your daughters in her soul. She is unassuming and humble. She just wants girls to know, in her words, “what she wishes she had fully appreciated, at their ages.” Her degree is in Bible, but, more importantly, her heart is in that great Book and in its exposure to as many as will listen in her lifetime. I’m glad she is ours, but even if she wasn’t, I’d recommend this material. It can make a difference for good that the devil just cannot unravel.  I hope she’ll write the sequel soon. I think that’s the plan.

I hope there will be a small legion (at least) of girls who get the whole series in their teen years (as well as “GIFTS” and “Pure on Purpose” and “Seeking Spiritual Beauty” and “Everyday Princess”.) I think their families and congregations in the year 2030 will be stronger and better for it. It’s just a little part of a parental insurance plan for a future that doesn’t end. I know that’s forward thinking, but moms have to be about that!

I’m finding that the market is not saturated with truly good materials for teen girls and even less saturated with those materials for boys, though The Colley House is trying to remedy that.  I’m happy to see new and sound books for those who still have the important decisions, for the most part, in front of them. Let’s help them “find HIM”  before they go about finding that other “him”. 

Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Moms of Teens and Teen Girls: Don’t Miss this Post!

I couldn’t be more excited to tell you about a new site you will want to follow (especially if you are or are mom to a teen girl) and about a brand new book authored by Rebekah Colley. She is the most evangelistic 22-year-old that I personally know and this heart immerses the new work “Finding Him.” She’s already taught the class to the teen girls at Macland Road, in Marietta, Georgia, tweaking it all along to try and make it the most influential tool she can produce. Her heart is for teen girls to serve the Lord—not just because they are in a youth group, have an assignment, or have parents who are urging (although these are all good things)—but because they love God. Her goal is that they might naturally carry the gospel to others because they know and love its Author. 

The book will be released at the end of August and it will be a great study book for classes, homeschool settings or for individual use in any season of any upcoming year. But the very best time to study this book is between the months of September and November of this fall (2017). The reason for this timing is that, during these months, there will be live chat rooms at specified times with the author present for discussion and each month there will be a fun online contest related to the study. 

Our teen girls are living in the face of an enormous and aggressive push by the devil to abandon faith in God. They are further influenced by way too many examples, even in the church, of older women who are lukewarm or passive in their attitudes toward the One who paid the ultimate price that we might have hope. Every ounce of our will and wisdom should be employed as mothers and grandmothers to suit them up to do battle with both of these dragons. This is one of the best tools I’ve seen to do just that. I hope, if your congregation does not do the study, that you will take the time to personally do it with your daughter in your study time together. I know she will be better equipped to retain faith for a lifetime; and the bonus of your doing it with her is that your relationship with each other will naturally be stronger and more spiritually focused. 

Here’s the link to this exciting chapter in your life, your daughter’s life, or your grand-daughter’s life. Wow! That’s what I want to do one day with Colleyanna! Just imagine a study with mother, daughter and grand-daughter coming to better know Him together!


Finding Him – Sanctify.

Trying to accomplish what God wants you to do—without knowing Him and having a relationship with Him—is like using your phone or computer without charging it. It’s similar to starting on a trip without properly charging your phone, only to realize that when you most need it, it’s just a blank screen…