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This Blog: Fully Subscribe-able Again!

Thanks to those of you who noticed and reported that you were having trouble subscribing to the Bless Your Heart blog. In all of the tying of loose ends in launching our brand new study, we almost didn’t catch the fact that the blog, often related to the study, did not have a “subscribe here” tab. That’s fixed now. If you go this page:, you should be able to find the spot on the right side of the page to enter your email address and receive the blog directly in your inbox. I hope this will be helpful. It will not always be authority-related, but I hope it will always be uplifting in some way to someone.

Most of you who are Digging Deep this year have received your books and shirts, if you chose to order, and some have begun the study. I was reading over the first lesson myself tonight and thinking about how God owns us. He owns us, first, because He made us from nothing. That’s ownership in its purest form. No man owns anything in that inherent way.

He owns us again because he bought us back when we became lost and undone without Him because of our sin. It’s profound to think about the huge price of the Son’s blood that has purchased so many more men than God will ever be able to redeem. The price has been paid for far more souls than God will ever gather in heaven, simply because many people, even  some of those who have been called out by the gospel, will trample underfoot the Son of Man, counting the blood of his covenant an unholy thing (Heb.10:29).

The study this year is not easy. It is the nature of submission to authority to be called upon to do things that are not easy to do–things that do not always make sense or make us comfortable. It would not be submission if it was what I wanted to do every time. I am praying fervently that, by the time we get to the parts of the study that call us to do things that challenge our religious practices, call us to make moral changes, or chasten us for our adherence to culture over our submission to Him, that our hearts will be ready–ready to do whatever it takes, no matter the price, to submit ourselves to the Owner. I hope we will see that He is the Father, the one Who loves us enough to give His Son, but that He has always required covenant living–living with rules and boundaries (that are ultimately in our own best interests)– for those who seek a relationship with Him and eternity around His throne. That’s why, in the above passage, the blood of Jesus is called the “blood of His covenant.” Advantages of the blood require covenant-keeping.  I hope we can focus on the brevity of life here and on how foolish it would be to balk at His authority in this brief time of testing when He is offering us eternal life, peace and bliss, IF we can just persevere in faith for this brief span we call a lifetime. His Spirit is one of grace. We honor His Spirit of grace when we keep His covenant. That covenant-keeping is submission to His authority.

Of how much sorer punishment, suppose ye, shall he be thought worthy, who hath trodden under foot the Son of God, and hath counted the blood of the covenant, wherewith he was sanctified, an unholy thing, and hath done despite unto the Spirit of grace? (Hebrews 10:29)

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