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Roe vs. Wade

Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

“Christians only care about babies until they are born.”

Just a short thought about the conversation following the overturn of Roe vs. Wade: 

It seems to me that there are voices on every platform at the moment descrying the sincerity of Christians who are rejoicing about this Supreme Court ruling. “How hypocritical for Christians to want abortion to be criminalized, while they are not able or willing to take care of the unwanted babies after birth.” The way the argument is phrased is generally this: “Christians only care about the babies until they are born.”

Just three points: 

  1. Of course, Christians care about all innocent children. (…and all people for that matter. People are made in the image of God. That’s why we are pro-life.) God did not mince words when he talked about the responsibility of His people to care for the fatherless (Exodus 22:22-24; James 1:27). 
  2. But the simple fact is, making the case that I should be able to kill my unwanted children if someone else is not going to take care of them is tantamount to saying I should be licensed to kill ANY family member who becomes an inconvenience to me at any stage of life, unless someone else is able to come in and take his/her care off my plate. It’s an incredulous idea. 
  3. Truth remains. The legalization of the taking of innocent human life has spiraled our nation downward into a society that places a diminished value on life. This devaluation of human life affects all aspects of our morality. 63 million babies on the American conscience has defiled that national conscience in ways that will be very difficult to ever put right. 
Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Sister to Sister: Can God Use a Wicked Man?

He’s a self-centered womanizer. He’s hired prostitutes. He has chosen women who cannot keep their mouths shut at the right times, and just look at his wife! He has gone to great lengths to secure his secrets, but still, he cannot trust the woman who knows too much about him. She has delivered his secrets to his enemies, where waits, for her, money and fame. He is strong, but so weak. Amazingly, he leads the nation and, at least for a time, intimidates the world around him. But he has won some major victories for the people of God. He is Samson.

Now I know that there is a huge difference between the Old Testament nation of Israel, through which the Messiah was to come, and the nation in which we live. But still we can note that sometimes it’s the most unlikely candidate; sometimes it is not a righteous man that can be used to accomplish some good things. Christians today do not have to endorse the evil (past or present) in the  life of President Trump in order to be glad for ground-breaking  and historic conservatism in the Supreme Court—potential and now possible conservatism that we thought, only a short time ago, would never have been restored. We do not have to uphold immorality in the life of one man in order to be happy, if through his appointments, literally millions of innocent unborn lives might be spared. We do not have to hunt ways in which to criticize his pro-life stances or his “law and order” renewal in our country. While we know that the strength of nations is always temporary and while we know that our primary citizenship is in heaven, it still cannot be wrong for us to be happy when we see some signs that, just perhaps, the America in which our grandchildren will be raised, might be brought, through an administration of political conservatism and constitutional adherence, a bit closer to the freedom and morality upon which she was founded. It is okay for Christians to rejoice in that ray of hope and it is okay for us to see the importance of the choosing of conservative pro-life justices for the scores of cases in the next forty years that will directly relate to the teachings of Scripture (upon which, by the way, our constitution was originally crafted). It is good, in fact, for us to pray for and be glad about the hope of the reversal of Roe vs. Wade, specifically. 

I can understand the ire of the left when it foresees a renewal of adherence to the constitution in the Court. But it’s hard to understand the chagrin of those who should want the overturning of Roe vs. Wade and the hope of the restoration of God’s definition of marriage in America. I’m going to keep hoping and rejoicing when there are vacant court seats that might be filled with those who will  potentially vote for life and morality.