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Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Fairview Purity Day!–March 9th.

I know you look around and see so many good things to do. I’ve already been invited to more than one event on the ninth of March. But let me tell you…I doubt you will find a more beneficial one if you have daughters between 10 and 20, than this one at Fairview  in Pulaski, Tennessee. In fact, even if you have boys, it would be a great thing for you to experience, so that you can better show them the characteristics they should be searching for in the ladies they spend time with and, one day, marry.

Oh, I know. I’ve heard it just like you have. “Purity days are not how we should teach our girls about waiting for marriage to have sex. In fact, when we keep emphasizing purity, we diminish from the healthy joy of sex, once our girls marry.”

That’s a theory that is simply untrue. Oh, we must constantly tell them that God has saved the best for his children. We, as mamas, must teach them about their sexuality and about how God has reserved that wonderful act, where one man and one woman share the most intimate act known to humanity, for marriage. We must make sure they know about and look forward to the physical union  that God made for much more than just procreation. These conversations come naturally to mothers who are growing pure hearts in little girls. But to say that a big group of girls learning together about cultivating a heart of holiness in a world of eye-candy and  expected sex in dating relationships, is a waste of time–well, that is absurdity.

If your kids are in school, they are hearing the devil’s message about sexuality at every turn. If they are on social media, at all, they are feeling the pull. If they watch any amount of indiscriminate videos online or television (cable or screened), they are getting the sexuality bullet-points from the devil. I’m just saying any immunization from the message that is being shouted all around them about relativism and sexuality, is worth your time and attention. It’s worth your drive.

I’m not sure exactly what topics will be covered on that day. But I know the ladies who are planning this. I know their deep love for their daughters. I know the spiritual-minded nature of their  Bible-focused hearts. I know it will be where I’d want to be, if I could, with my teen-aged daughter. Here you go…


Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

This is Saturday.

Take a road trip that may end up around the throne of God.  I really mean it. The subject matter this Saturday may help, in practical ways, to put your teen daughter in heaven one day. See, it’s not always the big amazing spiritual  accomplishments and sacrifices that make the difference. It’s not always the red-letter days noticed by others. It’s about the days that solidify the commitment of the heart–commitment to sanctification and holiness. This weekend, the young ladies at West Huntsville  have put together such a day. It’s themed “Matters of the Heart” and it promises to be one of those days that strengthens purpose and forges resolve) to be and do what the Father wills for happiness. I am pretty sure, in my heart, that souls will enabled for eternity with Him as a result of this Saturday.I hope you can find it in your heart to help some sweet teen girl to be here! It’s a great practical application of Titus 2:3-5 if you can be such an enabler! Free food, free lodging, and the best of fellowship.

Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

This Just Happens Every Four Years, so Come!…and Share this Important Link.

I was recently visiting a church in another city when a woman I’ve never met walked up to me and began to talk about how her daughter was impacted deeply at a purity day four years ago at West Huntsville.  She told me about good things that are still happening in this high-schooler’s life because of that fall Saturday in 2014.  A purity day can open doors that will continue to influence for crucial years and monumental decisions down the road. The impact can be made through notes taken, through materials purchased, through resolutions made, through a deeper bond with a mentor, or through new friendships forged. This mom was extremely excited to hear that on August 11th, she will get the chance to repeat the experience.

I spoke at another church in Mississippi this spring in which a couple of young and faithful moms (one is in the photo) reminded me that they, along with a big group of friends, had rolled into Serenity at about 11 p.m. four years ago (or was it eight?), to check into  our cabin and house for purity day the next morning.  These women have now completed college, have Christian husbands and sweet babies, and were the planners of and participants in this ladies day. They, too, said “Oh you’re about to have another one? Let us know when. We can probably bring some girls!”

This is the day that happens only once every fourth year at West Huntsville. Kind of like February 29th of Leap Year. Only this day does more than keep the calendar synchronized. This day helps keep the lives  of our daughters in sync with His holy plans and purposes. We think it’s important for every girl to experience the planning and participating in this important event at least twice during her years in the West Huntsville youth group. We hope that lots of girls from many congregations will come and bring friends and mentors.  Some traveled last time from at least as far away as Kentucky.  Some from Mississippi have already begun making plans to come this year. It’s worth a half-day out of school on Friday (if you’re far away)  and a road trip. It’s worth so much more if hearts are convicted for pure, godly living. Future marriages for God are built on the stuff of this seminar.

What about you? Can you make a road trip? Housing in our homes will be provided for those who come from other towns and states. All the info is available on the link below. If I can help you make this happen for your daughter or youth group, let me know!

You can register here:

Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Purity Day: 350 Saturdays

If you live an average lifetime, you will have about 3500 Saturdays–the days we usually consider off-days. If you are raising a child, about 900 of those Saturdays will fall during the years that your child is growing up in your home. About 350 of those Saturdays will fall during what we call the “teen years.” Three hundred-fifty  may seem like a lot of off-days, but when you think about science fairs, sick Saturdays, athletic or arts commitments, and homework, the bank of days that you might be using for something that pertains to the soul–the immortal person you are raising– may diminish significantly and without much consideration of the loss. While you might argue that all these activities are good and  pertain to character development, and thus to the soul (and you would be largely correct), there are some Saturday activities that are so practically connected to the choices that determine destiny that their significance just takes my breath away.

Here’s one. May I encourage you to consider this opportunity for your daughters? The topics covered will be of great value. I know you cannot attend every single purity day with your daughter, but I challenge you to choose at least one this year. Here’s a great one. There will be another one later in the year at West Huntsville. Choosing both (different speakers/different approaches to the same important topic) is even better! I’m grateful for those who have taken the large amounts of time (several Saturday’s worth) and effort to coordinate something so powerful in scope for our girls.