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Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Sister to Sister: Help One More Child and Get a Free DVD!

Unknown-3Sisters in the church have huge hearts! Really. They do. We all voted and shared and shared and shared for Addie Heltsley, our sweet friend with Cerebral Palsy and she, along with Elijah, won the representation of Liquid Hope as the poster children—the Children of Hope. There were women in the Bahamas, in Hawaii, in Australia and New Zealand…just women around the world who were watching the voting results and praying for Addie. See for her mother’s heartfelt gratitude and voice of…well, it’s been overused, perhaps, but…hope. You can hear hope in her words.

And then, you amazing women started asking me “Isn’t there some way we could help the other children…the ones who didn’t win?” Of course. Some of you may have already done so, but if you would like to contribute to the nutrition of another child, simply go to this page:, click on the child you would like to help and make the donation on that page. You can also donate to the general fund if you prefer. Some of the children have insurance that covers Liquid Hope, so you may want to read the stories before choosing.  As I understand it, when you donate, there’s a short form you fill out, so on that form, please put a notation that you are a member of the  church of Christ, so that, perhaps, in some time of need or crisis, the families to whom we donate will come looking for spiritual answers. All families will be notified of the source of each donation. For every one of you who donates $25.00 or more, Glenn and I would like to send a free DVD  from We will even pay the shipping!

Unknown-2You can choose the “Killing of Jesus” DVD or the “Building Great Kids” DVD. Simply make your donation online at the above address, then send us an email at, giving us your name, the name of the child to whom you donated (or put “general fund” if you donated there),  your postal address and which DVD you would prefer. We’ll quickly ship this to you in plenty of time for holiday giving or for your own viewing. To be eligible for the free DVD, we just ask that you make your donation of $25.00 or more and let us know via email on or before November 20th.

We hope the DVD blesses your family. We know your contributions to the children will help theirs!

p.s. Catch Caleb Colley live tonight at 7 CST discussing the Brittany Maynard physician assisted suicide case:


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