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Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

She Thanks You for Praying…


Recently, those in the Digging Deep for Encouragement group have been praying for our sister, Tammie. She’s been through a very dark and difficult time in several key areas of her life. There was a loss of her home to a fire, a prolonged illness, a very traumatic situation in her extended family and one in her husband’s family, as well. She recently had five days alone in her house and I encouraged her to spend that time in prayer and the Word. I told her that I knew God could use those days for her healing, if she would use them for His glory. She writes this today, and wanted me to share with you. She is so very thankful for your prayers and covets them in the future days of restoration to what she wants to be for Him.She shares this. I know you will praise with me.

Oh sister Cindy,  

While I was by myself for 5 days God’s word has done some purging . I can say I had hit bottom. God showed me through his Word, that I had begun wandering away from the Fold.  These 3 years of working in the fall, with a friend, cleaning hunter’s houses, I thought I had been sharing my faith with her… and I thought she was going  to change her ways. Now the friendship bond of her worldly ways is cut. God, this week showed me, through the word and through our    DD studies, that I was being led astray; following her, with one foot in the door of the church and one foot out in the world. I was already searching for something when I found lots of programs on youtube and your ladies’ days speaking, too. I didn’t even turn TV on to watch unless at night when I watched gospel meetings. I mostly all day was in the word. A sweet sister called and checked on me a lot and, each time, she could tell I had been crying. Cindy, I can say I was at my begging place. I have written scriptures down and when Satan comes to my thoughts, I will quote them in prayer. Yesterday was so hard.  I finally went to worship being so weak and had no idea what Jim was preaching on. I had written a letter to the congregation asking for my forgiveness, for I had not been there for my brothers and sisters. I was a sheep that had gone astray and the crying was deep. A sister came to me and hugged me and whispered in my ear that I was bold to admit this and she said I inspired her about what true repentance is. Jim had no idea that I was putting on a fake Christian . He got choked up reading my note, so that another man stepped in.  So Jim just came to comfort me. Jim said he saw many tears yesterday. Then I went back last night and, Cindy, the singing in this congregation, to me, was so uplifting. Jim preached on the  words of the song “I am a Poor, Wayfaring Stranger.”  One of the men got up and said, “Can I speak? He did speak, and he said,  “Jim the message tonight of the song was so powerful.” Oh, this right here got me. My Jim was starting to feel that he wasn’t doing a good job there. Now let’s see how God can use me. I have never felt this peace, Cindy.

The sheep is now in the arms of the Shepherd. It’s terrible that it took me down to the bottom to open up my eyes. The truth has set me free. I love you, Cindy.

Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

2 More Days!…Stuff You Need to Know.

I’m so excited that, because Lindsay and Jack VanHook have been working tirelessly, the free download for The Hour Has Come is here:!/Digging-Deep-2021-2022-The-Hour-Has-Come-FREE-DOWNLOAD/p/384587391/category=0                                    Feel free to download and then print as many as you need. Please do not reprint the spiral book itself. We appreciate your help in that way. 

The study officially begins in two days on September 1st. Watch the video here ( for potential answers to questions you may have. 

SPARK was a big success! Thanks to all who contributed money or food, helped teach all ages, and worked so hard in lots of capacities.  You were generous and sacrificial beyond what I could have dreamed! I learned so many things from so many people! I am just thankful to God for this gathering.

T-shirts are being ordered one more time, but if you want a shirt or hoodie, your order must be placed at by September 10th.

Don’t forget to tell your husband’s about 2021-22 Men’s Digging Deep. It will enrich your household. I promise.






And if you were named on the SPARK reveal as a finisher who is receiving a free DD tea towel, please remit upon receipt of the tea towel, three dollars for postage. You can PayPal the postage to Those who were present, of course, have already received theirs and the others are going out tomorrow.

Finally, this is the prayer list from our ladies’ prayer session at Spark. I know many of you will take the time to remember our sisters and their requests as you go to God. Our effectual, fervent prayers avail much! 

Covid patients all over our land. Specifically: Dot Qualls, Manchester, TN, and Ellie who is suffering mentally from the disease.

Those in danger in Afghanistan

Victims of flooding in Tennessee. Specifically Pinewood church and those in Waverly

Those in our congregations who have been widowed in recent months.

Jessica—a single mom who was baptized recently and is struggling to go to school.

Rachael—struggling with a situation that makes her need to be single for the rest of her life. 

That we may all be soul-winners and complete our God-assigned tasks.

Courage for a couple who needs to re-locate for worshipping because of an unhealthy church situation. 

Praise for a daughter who has located a good job.

Praise for a daughter who has returned to the Lord.

Praise for a son-in-law who has been baptized and is growing in Christ. 

Prayer for a son-in-law’s job situation.

Prayer for two congregations that need to reunite. 

Paige—to be a better Christian and bring lost family members to Him. 

Patricia—stage 4 liver cancer

Jim—that he might find the right meds to alleviate severe pain

Dena—medical test results, to find a good doctor, and proper treatments.

Dena’s father-in-law—recovery from surgery and comfort in loss of a loved one.

That a sister who is needing energy might find it and be useful till her passing. 

Prayers for our congregations’ members who are not committed to serving Him. 

For Jake and Zach, that they may find the path that God wants for them. 

Prayers for students at FHU who are sick with Covid and for the administration as they make decisions resultant from the disease. 

Genevieve —wisdom from the Lord for tough situations.

Kat —health and safety for unborn baby. 

Betty —cancer patient, hospice called in.

Janice—physical heart issues

Samuel —Spiritual heart issues.

Fred and Alora—healing and deliverance

Leisa—cancer diagnosis, knee surgery struggles, 

Eliza, Ruby, and Lilly—little girls with grave health issues

Jenny—daughter Rebekah as she studies DD and keeps growing

Jenny’s son Jakob and wife, wife is deployed

Wylla —on hospice, dementia

Jenny—struggling with sinful language. 

A sister who is struggling with an estranged family relationship and how that might affect the faithful congregation.

A family grieving mightily because of sin and betrayal, and also for the churches that suffer because of immorality in the camp.

And always, finally, PRAISE for the faithfulness of the mighty God we serve!