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Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Sister to Sister: The Bakers and the Kings

I spent an evening recently in the home of a young family that was the “real deal” for our Lord in a little town called Maud, Texas. It was a town that seemed to revolve around its young people and their collective education. This young family was no exception. Their little home school was obviously a huge success, both academically and spiritually. It was pretty cool to hear impressive vocabularies and watch a little early elementary-school chef. I even heard about their community supported lemonade stand from which all the proceeds went to the small local library for children’s books. There was creativity bulging from little conversations and good manners characterized every exchange. It was a lot of fun to share soup and cornbread at their table. 

With their parents, I talked about doctrine and morality and zeal for Him and I knew that those children’s chances of being around the throne one day were unusually good. Maybe it’s really not about chance, at all. Maybe it’s more about the propensity for success when parents are fully engaged in heaven from goal to gold, from purpose to priorities to practice.



It’s no wonder that something like this project could come from such a home. I sat there with my mouth open as I witnessed a three-year-old who really does know all of the kings of Israel and those of Judah—and the stories, for the most part, behind them. So here it is—one of the best Bible songs I’ve ever heard. It’s a song that puts knowledge that most Christian adults have never even approached, into children. It does so in a format that will cause them to keep the knowledge for life. 

I want to share this with you now, especially if you are a family-Bible-time kind of mom. You can thank the Andy Baker Family of Maud, Texas. Fellow family-Bible-time-mom, Kathryn, is the teacher and homemaker that “makes” this home so warm and Christ-centered. Dad, Andy Baker is the talent behind the songs’ compositions.  Here’s the link to some great family time in the Old Testament. Kathryn tells me we can feel free to sing and share with credit. (Actually, she didn’t even say “with credit”. But I’m saying it!)

And, for good measure, here’s their rendition of Psalm 1:

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