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It’s There in Black and White

Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Now on Sale! Must-read on Scripture’s Answers to Racism in the Church.

The answers ARE right here in Black and White! This book has been in the works during the pandemic and the racially motivated chaos in major American cities. It’s a book by four men of God who worked separately and then for many hours on multiple nights in ZOOM meetings searching and pondering the Scriptures together to determine and write practical answers from the Word for the racial issues that challenge our unity. The world will never arrive at the answers for racial peace and unity. But we are not the world.

This book has 37 relevant questions about race and 37 Biblical answers. Melvin Otey, Glenn Colley, Ben Giselbach and Hiram Kemp are men of the Word. They do not necessarily agree on all of the societal solutions. But they agree that the Word has the answers for today’s church.

Scripture speaks to questions like:

What distinguishes a racist Christian from one who is not?

To what extent can Christians be involved in social activism?…in civil disobedience?

What is systemic racism? What is white privilege? What role should these terms play in Christian discussions about race relations in the church?

I’m excited to direct you to this timely discussion. I think you’ll have hard time putting it down. I think you’ll have a commitment to unity when you finally do.

Get it here:!/There-in-Black-and-White/p/231395117/category=21667339


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