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Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Digging Deep: There’s Reward in Doing the Right Thing! ( Isaiah 58:8)

We’re doing a lot of things better in our country during this strange Corona spring. There’s no late-night clubbing because the bars are closed. More moms are home with their children, which has always been God’s ideal.  We’re not driven by sports and entertainment to the extreme degree that’s typical. Casinos are closed, too. There’s more prayer and less revel. We’re checking on our elderly family members more frequently, pulling together in communities and  finding ways to connect with church family. Innovation may be at an all time high in our country.

For those of us in Christ, there are some very sad realities. (I mean besides the obvious reality of sickness and death that’s spreading so quickly in some parts of our country. Of course, we feel that sorrow.) Our fellowship is necessarily hampered and we long to talk face-to-face. Big events that encourage us, like lectureships and Lads-to-Leaders are not happening. Life feels weird without daily interaction, in person, with each other. I, for one, had no idea of the power our assemblies wield over my psyche–my mood.

I realize I’m saying things that have been said in our livestream services and our social media interaction over and over, so I won’t belabor them here. I want to give a requested list of good things–rewards that occur when we continue to seek him; when we determine to turn permanently from things that are against the will of our Father –things that are counter to the lifestyle He wants us to enjoy. That’s right: enjoy. If there’s one thing that faithful people are learning through the pandemic, it’s that we enjoy the life we have together in Him. When it’s suddenly void of just that one aspect– personal fellowship–we miss it like crazy!

So here’s the list, given to Judah, of rewards  for being righteous from Isaiah 58. (It’s the answer to the first part of number four in our study this month, if you’re digging. See if you can find these.)

  1. Light will spring forth.
  2. Health will spring forth.
  3. Righteousness will go before you.
  4. God will answer your cries.
  5. Your darkness will be as noonday.
  6. The Lord will guide you continually.
  7. The Lord will satisfy you in drought.
  8. The Lord will make fat your bones.
  9. You will be like a well-watered garden.
  10. You will be a spring of water whose waters do not fail.
  11. Some will build up old wasted places.
  12. You will raise up foundations of many generations.
  13. You will be part of the repairing of the breach.
  14. You will be part of restoring paths to dwell in.
  15. You will delight in the Lord.
  16. You will ride on high places of the earth.
  17. You will feed with the heritage of Jacob.

Every one of these could be a complete sermon, if we were preachers. Since we’re not, let’s meditate and make them lessons–goals–for our development during this dark time. Let’s emerge from this spring more righteous and more rewarded than we found ourselves as the year began. We can ride this out to His glory!

Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

DD Podcast Addendum: Holly’s Titles for Isaiah 48-66

Holly’s always prepared whether she’s podcasting or not. She loves the Word and souls. Here are her titles for those Isaiah chapters we’ve been reading . Key verses from them and corresponding descriptions of our glorious God are up next. You might want to write these in your “marking” Bible. I know you’ll want to write on your heart that the theme of chapter 51 runs through all these passages for His faithful people. This study was made for us during this month of trials for so many. He always provides like that! He is God!


48–Obedience =Blessings

49–Christ’s Suffering

50–God Was on their Side


52–Know God



55–Universal Invitation for Redemption

56–Obedient Faith

57–Folly of Idolatry vs. Holiness of God


59–Need for Redemption

60–Christ’s Church in Anticipation

61–Christ on Earth

62–Establishment of New Testament Christianity

63–Wrath of God and Mercy of God



66–Contrast between Judgment and Blessings