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DD Podcast Addendum: Holly’s Titles for Isaiah 48-66

Holly’s always prepared whether she’s podcasting or not. She loves the Word and souls. Here are her titles for those Isaiah chapters we’ve been reading . Key verses from them and corresponding descriptions of our glorious God are up next. You might want to write these in your “marking” Bible. I know you’ll want to write on your heart that the theme of chapter 51 runs through all these passages for His faithful people. This study was made for us during this month of trials for so many. He always provides like that! He is God!


48–Obedience =Blessings

49–Christ’s Suffering

50–God Was on their Side


52–Know God



55–Universal Invitation for Redemption

56–Obedient Faith

57–Folly of Idolatry vs. Holiness of God


59–Need for Redemption

60–Christ’s Church in Anticipation

61–Christ on Earth

62–Establishment of New Testament Christianity

63–Wrath of God and Mercy of God



66–Contrast between Judgment and Blessings

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