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Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Sister to Sister: This Video Has a Bajillion Facebook Likes

…all from me. Just in case you might not have seen it, here it is. 2016 is going to be a great year because God just keeps on doing the beyond-my-scope-of-understanding kind of blessing. A  new baby means I get to think about the tiny-ness of that little person who is already taking in the nourishment that will allow my genetic material, along with that of other people, to develop into a lifelong habitat for a soul that will forever outlive the genes. Foster parents today hear the catch-phrase “Provide a forever home.” But God is really the only one that can and has provided a forever home for every child who grows to allow the Father to foster and adopt him. God will foster, train, and protect little Baby G2 through her godly parents and then, one day, He will adopt her because the One Begotten Son has paid the price of adoption and redemption. Then, finally, He will take Baby G2 into his forever-and-ever home where I’ll be waiting to welcome him just as I will have done so many times at Serenity; only this Serenity is truly the bliss and rest and peace that our earthly homes can only sketchily foreshadow. Our home during this holiday season contained a virus, morning sickness, a grandfather who was hurting from taking a fall, a baby who would not sleep, area flooding and tornadoes, a crockpot of burnt BBQ, a couple of gifts that immediately broke, and one or two that didn’t fit.  It contained a lot of correspondence with people who were struggling–even suffering– with all kinds of maladies that this life hurls our way. Eternal Serenity will be seamlessly peaceful and eternally new. There will be no hitches and no sleepless nights. In fact there will be no night there! Everything will “fit” and all of the burning will be somewhere else! Heaven has already begun in our hearts for this brand new baby. I pray fervently every day for the transference of this hope to her wee heart and for all of our hearts to be fixed there!

Here’s the video…

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