Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Sister to Sister: THIS (seminar) & THAT (visit).

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Unknown-12I’m looking forward to some excruciatingly busy, but unbelievably blessed times. This weekend, Glenn and I will be at the Macland Road church in Marietta, Georgia ( to talk about marriage and the family. It’s called the “You’re Singing My Song” seminar and we always love doing these. I think it’s one of the most tangibly rewarding things God lets us do. We get to actually see the results of doing marriage God’s way and we hear over and over, through emails and Facebook and even phone texts from attendees that a big decision to do family Biblically makes all the difference in the temperament of home. In fact, it makes the word “home” sweeter and the concept of family the haven that God intended it to be.

Then, the following weekend, my daughter, Hannah and I will be speaking a bunch of times at a women’s retreat near Trion, Ga. I love the topic of “Renewal” that they have chosen. I love, even more, the scriptures that will form the basis of our discussions. From Psalm 51, we will be discussing the creation of a clean heart and the renewal of a right spirit. From Romans 12:1,2 we will address the renewal of the mind: refusing to conform to the world and mind transformation. So excited about these six lessons. I think we are doing a question and answer session, as well. God has the answers if we really want them for daily instruction and practice. Let me know if you want info about this retreat. I am not sure how full the accommodations are, but I can put you in touch with the one who knows.

Yesterday I had the blessed opportunity to go and visit with one of our elderly, but young in spirit, women, Mrs. Nancy Cantrell. There has never been a moment since I have known Mrs. Nancy, when I have not deeply admired her. She and her faithful husband lived together many years in his service, doing mission work and just taking the precious gospel to all who would listen. Truly, she is one of the most evangelistic sisters I have ever known. For several years now, she has been living alone and spending every day in the anticipation of being reunited with her dear husband around the throne. She has faithful adult children and grandchildren. She IS the Titus 2 older woman, for sure.

It’s rare that I get to be the younger woman of Titus 2 these days, so I wanted to take advantage of Mrs. Nancy’s offer to help me with my embroidery software for my Bernina sewing machine. She’s taken the time to monogram many, many gifts, including graduation and wedding towels for Hannah, Christmas dish towels for me, and a beautiful handmade Bible cover that I treasure.  Can I just tell you that I basked in the pleasure of getting to go to her house and have fresh brewed coffee while she showed me a thing or two I needed to know about my embroidery program. I cannot think of anything that could have put me in Titus 2 more directly than my visit with Mrs. Nancy. She exudes every quality of this verse:

The aged women likewise, that they be in behaviour as becometh holiness, not false accusers, not given to much wine, teachers of good things…

And, she spent her precious morning teaching me some improvements I could make in one aspect of being a “keeper at home”….Titus 2 still works today just the same as it did in the first century. I love the timeless quality of practical New Testament teachings.

I’m telling you, younger women…if you have somebody in your life who fills this bill, you’d better take advantage of her friendship and counsel. The days are coming quickly when, in our feministic world and, sadly our culture-influenced church, women with the Titus 2 qualities will be few and far between. Even if I hadn’t learned a thing about my software, my visit would have been worth it simply for the Titus 2 osmosis from which God knew we would benefit when he gave the instruction that links younger women up with older women in Christ.

That’s the way it is. God’s best is reserved for His children. Thankful for His best this week.

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