Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Sister to Sister: Prayer List and Podcast

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The very first Great Escapes Podcast is here tonight at 7 CST:

I do not know how people make it through life without prayer. The realization that the Creator of the universe listens to me, Cindy Colley, and that He can actually be influenced by my petitions and pleadings is simply unbelievable. But it is true and that reality, along with the promise that I can come through trials without allowing them to jeopardize my faith and, thus, my eternal home (I Cor. 10:13) is THE way I deal with pain and sorrow. It is not a mechanism, though. It is a relationship that guards my heart and gives me the peace that really does surpass my ability to understand. 

Here’s the prayer list from our “Sweet Hour of Prayer” last Friday night. I hope there are some faithful prayer warriors who will add these to your lists. Even if you can just pray for one of them each day, your pleas to Him are very much appreciated by the ones who made these requests. We had about 70 precious praying women in attendance, but technology makes it easy for us to lay these petitions at the throne en masse. Our God is “so big, so strong and so mighty…” that He can hear and answer us all without diminishing from His infinite abilities that transcend time and schedules. 

Some have asked about the name of the prayer app that I mentioned on Friday night. It’s ECHO. There are several good ones, but that is the one I use. It keeps up with my list and reminds me to pray, individually, for each need on my list. Surely those of us who are using technology to keep up with the number of steps we make each day might also be using it to keep up with the regularity of remembering one another in prayer. You don’t have to have an app, though. You do have to be apt to pray. 

Here are 45 requests to add. Each one means a great deal to one or more of your sisters.

  1. Deena Sadler’s family, Deena passed away over the weekend, cancer, friend of Cindy Colley.
  2. Rhonda—son in spiritual trouble. marriage trouble
  3. Tammy —following her divorce, her husband has led children from the church.
  4. Norma, an evacuee is studying the book of Acts with a Christian.
  5. Amanda—Marsha York has requested prayers for her as she will soon be the mother of twins. Lots of challenges going on here,
  6. Paul—the Prodigal son of Ann M.
  7. Ann —very hard preaching work for her family
  8. Lucy’s parents—for reconciliation if it can be according to God’s plan, for wisdom for those who are giving counsel, for Lucy’s future.
  9. Lorrie Centeno—3rd recurrence of cancer, daughter soon to be married, Fresno, CA (Woodward Park church)
  10. Lee Holder, dad of Cindy Colley and Celine Sparks.
  11. Those struggling after loss and damage in TX and FL 
  12. Tugbeh Brown—that her daughters, Mosneh and Ruben, may come to the Lord (request from Liberia)
  13. Gracie—Donna Seale’s friend. She is 14 years old and very sick.
  14. Tammy Turner—seeing kidney specialist, stones, seizures, mild dementia, migraines
  15. Cindy Colley—an anonymous friend locally who is in the midst of a divorce and fears custody battle after marriage of abuse.  Abusive older step sibling is a threat to young child.
  16. Jennifer Russell—for a 2 year old (her cousin’s child) who is living with Jennifer because of parental instability and sin. This little girl needs Jennifer. The cousin needs God.
  17. Missy Lanning’s mother—Multiple health issues of aging.
  18. Missy Lanning’s daughters—for eventual mate selection within the Will of God, for financial peace and solutions for family as they go to college.
  19. Rhoda —as she begins DD, that it will be a beginning for her to come back to God after divorce and falling away (Husband was a very bad example of Christianity.)
  20. Steve Bolton’s family—He fell from a deer stand and was killed (age 52) Louisville, KY
  21. Alyssa and Ryan—awaiting marriage, separated by distance, prayer for strength and walking in God’s ways till the time comes.
  22. Vilma Preza—colon cancer recurrence, treatments, Honolulu
  23. Robert Taylor—faithful preacher, elderly, very sick, for daughter Rebecca, as she cares for him.
  24. Digging Deep—strength for those studying along, salvation’s light for those lost, wisdom for those working, boldness in the Gospel. permeation of Truth.
  25. Mrs. Emily—Cared for because of cancer by Carol Laney and that she will be able to restore her to faith.
  26. Tammy—That she is able to establish a routine prayer life
  27. That women in general will stop wanting to be like the world
  28. Melissa Davidson’s father—He is struggling with Parkinson’s disease (not a Christian) and for her mother who is caring for him
  29. Lori Morris—Pray that the delivery of her baby in a few weeks goes well with no complications
  30. Shameika Hanna—Family’s mission work in the Bahamas in January
  31. Rachel Smith—Continued good results for cancer treatment
  32. Nancy Price—Has a brain tumor and has very little time to live
  33. Sharon —Health issues, both physical and emotional.  Also, her two adult children have sin in their lives, need to be reconciled with God
  34. Sarah—Teenager who is struggling with depression and self-harm and has given up spiritually
  35. Edgewood church in SC—That they will overcome our challenges, grow stronger and shine the light of the gospel into the community
  36. Alfred Rowe—Feeble, losing weight, Grandfather of Stephanie Vick
  37. Patricia Rowe—feeble, possible mini-strokes and their caregivers. Grandmother of Stephanie Vick
  38. Nuris Reyes—Her brother Pablo Reyes is in jail in Virginia —pray all goes well with his release 
  39. An Anonymous Prayer of Thankfulness—“Years of difficult times, health struggles, financial struggles, struggles with difficult works in the Lord’s church.  Beautiful, encouraging things have left new hope and thankfulness.  I never doubted the Lord’s faithfulness but am so thankful for blessings…
  40. TeNea—That she will find a job that can support herself and 2 daughters
  41. Jeffrey—As he makes decisions about his life, career and pending marriage and to always walk with God through it all
  42. Steve Hall—Recently had a brain tumor removed…that he will continue to recover.  He is not a Christian.  Please pray that the family will have the opportunity to teach him the truth.
  43. Anonymous Prayer—For her two adult children that they will turn their lives back to God.  They both are married to non-Christians and both have children that they need to be an example to
  44. John—He left the church years ago and needs to get back to the Lord
  45. Jessie—She is mourning the life of her dad.  She needs comfort and to know the Lord is with her.
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