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How Are You Going?

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One of my friends from Australia always asks “ How are you going?” It means the same to her as when I say “How are you doing?” but I like the way she says that because it really fits the way I live. We are on the go and never more so than each year during the month of August. Several very influential events are  happening in the next few weeks and I want to be sure you are taking advantage of them if at all possible.

First, Polishing the Pulpit starts this Friday in Sevierville, TN. Scores of sound teachers, classes and activities for all ages will be part of what has become, in my opinion, the event among our brethren and sisters with the broadest scope of influence. It gets underway this weekend and continues through the following Thursday. I do not want to miss a moment and I’m pumped about seeing lots of you there. This year, it will be fun to have all THREE of my children there and my biggest challenge will be finding the time I want to spend with them, and all of the other blood relatives and blood-of-Christ relatives, while getting in the prep time I need for the lessons and still getting to hear some of my favorite speakers. This is a taste of heaven, for sure, but I am looking forward to all of the fellowship and singing and visiting without the time restrictions. Come and let’s get ready for that place and time together!  Go to for details.

PTP: Great Fellowship Awaits!

Before I leave the PTP promo, let me say thanks to all of you who submitted tips for deep Bible study. Winners in the “best study tips contest” are these three: Sandy Cook, for her idea of group study, Brian Giselbach, for the wisdom from Guy Woods he passed along, and Dana Ethredge, for what she is doing with Halley’s Bible Handbook. As promised, you will get all these tips later. But for now, Sandy, Brian and Dana, look on the site, pick out your free product and let me know where to send it by emailing

Next, ladies, please don’t forget about the ladies seminar “This is War” to be held on August 27th at the new West Huntsville at Providence building. You can reserve your spots for attending and free lodging, if needed, by going to You can also, obviously link to the event from this blog. The deadline is officially August 15th. We want to work to have room and food and seating for everyone, so do let us know as soon as you can. You will be so glad for any effort you expend to be part of this.

Speaking of West Huntsville…Yesterday we became West Huntsville at Providence as we assembled in our beautiful new building at 1519 Old Monrovia Road in Huntsville. If you are ever our way, be sure to stop and worship with us. We are so blessed to be in this new facility and be able to start sowing the seed in a fertile neighborhood that’s “on the grow.”  As a matter of fact, I often think that the devil will surely try hard to defeat the great things that are happening at WH-P. But, we are family, in the truest sense of that Word, and we plan to fight him tooth and nail to keep our close bond of fellowship centered on the gospel of Christ. If you can’t physically visit us, stop in to and download some of the strengthening messages we’re blessed to hear on a regular basis.

West Huntsville at Providence
photo by Tony Anderson

Then there’s the beginning of school for so many moms who read the blog. Please know that I am praying for your children as they head into another school year. So many people prayed me through the school years of my children and I know it was because of His mercies that Caleb and Hannah have been able to remain faithful in this society that would wrest convictions of faith from our kids. I’m praying for yours. Some of them I often take to the throne by name, and some I pray for “en masse”, but God is faithful. Some of you are keeping your kids at home this year for the first time to home educate them. I am thankful for your choice. Be diligent.  Some of you are praying for them as you have delegated a part of their education to someone else. I am praying with you. Stay involved and alert. “In all your ways, acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths.”

Bible study tips for today:

Sandy Pritchett says “One of my favorite ways to study the Bible is on topics that either I am going through or something that I came across and I am interested.”

Kirby Cole says teaching a class is his best tool for deep Bible study because you have to know the material you are presenting & be prepared for any questions that may be brought up. “Teaching also gives you an incentive to study.”

Alyssa Cole says listening to relatives that are faithful Christians gives her a jumpstart to study because “they inspire you.”

More tips next time. Have an awesome August!

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