Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Forgive Me…

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My friend, Susan Cooper, showed me this poem that popped up on her “memories” today. I think I wrote this to Hannah and put it in her first college planner when she left for the very first time to go to FHU. Maybe you need this today as you are sending yours back for this spring semester. If you get to hold yours closer for a little while longer, cherish every moment. I love all of you diligent, hope-filled mothers who read. Keep praying for all of our babies, no matter whether they are in the womb, the bedroom down the hall, the dorm, or far away raising their own babies. Our kids have two fathers, but only one mother! You are not dispensable! Stay close to both of their fathers, if you can!
A poem by Cindy Colley…but so appropriate for any mother. Cindy I hope you don’t mind I posted this from your blog. Just had to share.
Forgive Me
(or “Goodbye to (your child’s name”)
Forgive me if I’m just a little bit sad.
I really shouldn’t be.
This is what we raised you for.
Today we set you free.
Forgive me when I shed a tear
As I walk out that door.
Tearful prayers have brought you here,
So I may cry once more.
Forgive me if I worry
When I crawl in bed at night.
Forgive the calls and emails
Just to make sure you’re alright.
If you ever want to phone me
Even if it’s late at night;
Or if you need a place to come
Where we’ve left on the light…
If you need my arms, a home-cooked meal,
Or a weekend shopping buddy,
A proofreader, dress mender, washer or maid
Or just a quiet place to study…
Home is open…even on Sundays.
We do laundry, ironing and meals.
We still change oil and gas up your car.
We’ll wash it and balance your wheels.
It’s amazing how we spent the past 7000 nights
Trying to get you quiet and in bed.
And now that your bedroom is silent and dark.
We wish it was noisy instead.
Funny how we tired of that telephone ringing.
You constantly tied up our line.
But, honey, if you need to tie it up now.
I think it will probably be fine
So don’t hesitate if you need us.
We’re available 24/7.
And telling our story and your bedtime prayer
Is still closest in this life to heaven.
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