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Digging Deep Israel: Update Here! (and a special P.S.)

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We have roughly two weeks until the trip will be opened up for registration to any members of the body. During these final “Digging Deep only” days, please be sure, if you’re a digger, that all of your paperwork is in and your place reserved. I’m getting very excited, mostly because everyone who has ever been on this tour tells me that the way he/she views Scripture is forever enhanced and heightened. So I can’t wait for that. Sometimes I think it would be hard for me to love the Bible more, but I know, for sure, I can study more and deeper and, in fact, that should be my life’s goal. I see daily flaws in faith and character, when I am introspective, and I know that all the answers for every inadequacy is in the Word. I believe this trip will be the trip of a lifetime for me–not because the land is holy, for it is not; but because the focus, as we view the Bible lands, will be the faith for which He gave His life. Unlike so many people I know, who have gone, we will have a New Testament Christian guide and co-worker. The lessons will be sound and biblical. What a blessing!

So here’s the updated link, including the new departure date. If you are going, please read carefully. We have upwards of 20 in the Digging Deep group who’ve already made deposits and secured their places. If you are a Digger, make your family’s reservation now. May God bless us in every way as we do this exciting thing next May!


P.S. On an unrelated topic: Tomorrow is the due date for Magdalene Joy Colley! Now, she may not be coming for several more days. She may, on the other hand, come today. Spontaneity is what makes our world fun!  But, at any rate, just get ready. I will be leaving for the Sunshine state when I get that call to see my “beach baby” and, when I do see her, YOU WILL TOO! (Just can’t help myself.) I hope I get there before she makes her debut. I’ve been looking at Travelocity a lot lately. Sometimes those ticket prices are lower if you want to leave right now. (Sometimes, not so much!)  Anticipation makes for a long road trip, but that may be the way we roll. Glenn and I are praying for her safe delivery and for a lifetime of “safe delivery” to His throne!

(I think hundreds of you have guessed her weight, so I’ll be sorting through all of that for prize delivery, too! Somebody is right on the   Colley House money! One day she will NOT want me to make a contest out of her weight. But, for now, she’s good!)

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