Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

You can watch the March for Life. (Read to the end for Colley baby contest!)

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The last week in January, 2021. This was the week our big Digging Deep group was supposed to go and march in Washington in honor of unborn life and in protest of the destruction of hundreds of lives in America each day by elective abortion. But discouraging events have made it necessary to cancel not only our Digging Deep travel to the march, but the entire rally at March for Life. The rally is not occurring this year, for the first time in 48 years; cancelled for the first year since Roe v. Wade legalized abortion in 1973. (You can view the limited march here:

It’s ironic that the two reasons for cancelling are– 1.) protection from the pandemic and– 2.) protection from the violence that’s been occurring in the streets of the District of Columbia. Both reasons for cancelling the rally for protecting baby lives are about protecting grown-up lives.  Just ironic. (I long for a day in which we could be half as concerned, as a nation, about those who cannot develop a vaccine for their own endangered situations, as we are about our own circumstances of danger.)

So, I’m thinking this week–and praying–for our nation’s conscience about the 60 million-plus lives taken in the past five decades and I am praying that the womb will be a safer place in America during the next few years; safer than projected by our current political landscape. Prayer and Providence make a powerful alliance.

And speaking of the unborn, there’s one unborn life that holds a special place these days in my heart. He’s Ellis Glenn Colley and his official due date is February 5th. He’s the only Colley boy of his generation, the son of the only Colley boy of his father’s generation, the grandson of the only Colley boy of his grandfather’s generation. (We’re trying not to map out his future for Him, except to put him on the heaven trajectory, but it’s little hard to hold back!)

So it’s time, once again, for the guessing game. So give me your predictions about weight and length. Just comment (once per reader) below, anytime before the unknown date of the baby’s birth. (That’s kind of fun because the longer you wait to guess, the more the baby will be growing. But you might risk waiting too long! I know you’re all invested in the strategy of how to win this exciting contest! =)) You can guess on my personal page or on either DD page. I’ll collect the comments from the various places where this is posted and announce the winner when the baby comes (and after I’ve gotten my arms around that bundle fresh from God)! If you throw in a hair color, I could use it as a tie breaker. The winner gets a package that includes all of the materials written exclusively by this baby’s parents. Here are those products. You can read about them here: Retail value of the package is $43.80.

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