Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Who wants a t-shirt?

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Who wants a T-shirt? 

We have a very limited number of t-shirts left from our September order and this bargain-blessed basement needs ANY items gone! You can order your Digging Deep 2021-22 shirt today for just $11.00 plus shipping by sending your name and mailing address to The sizes I have are listed below. I’ll post a list here tomorrow of those ladies who were first to respond and are receiving a shirt via USPS.

When you receive your shirt, send a check to: Cindy Colley— 1519 Old Monrovia Road, NW—Huntsville, AL 35806 ) OR you can PayPal this address:

Please include $11.00 plus $6.00 shipping and handling.  (If you want two or three shirts, shipping will be $9.00)

I hope the shirt works for your wardrobe, but mostly for your evangelism. I have already heard of several people who’ve been able to start Biblical conversations  just by wearing the shirts. I’ve also heard of people who find other diggers in random places (like thrift stores) when they wear the shirt! 

Here are the available sizes. I have…

13 small shirts

5 medium shirts

1 large shirt

3 XXL shirts

1 XXXXL shirt.

Look, in the next couple of days, for your names, so you can be watching the still- lagging USPS for your package. Remember, you have to send the email first to let me know your name, shipping address and sizes needed. Then, you watch for your name here, so you can see if I still had your size when you requested. Then–only then–pay shirt prices and shipping with check or PayPal. 

Mostly, don’t just wear the shirt. Wear the Word it represents. Wear the Savior who is speaking to us through the book of John. Be hidden in Christ (Col. 3:3)!


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