Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Where’s my Order? 

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First. let me offer apologies for being unable to field every question right now. They are many and we are working to get those shirts and mugs and books to you. The good news is, we have the mugs in hand. The “hitch” news is that the shirts will take a few more days. (We just had to wait till you had time to collect your group orders.) 

If you are waiting on your books and you also had shirts in your order, the hold-up is your shirts. We just can’t always ship the books separately, so your order will take a few more days. We hope you can be patient with us. We did, I think, have on hand as many shirts as we sold last year. We just had a really big year for shirt orders this year…MUCH bigger than last! That’s a great thing, but it just takes a little time to know what you want and get them back for shipping. I will try to keep you posted as soon as we know a target date from our shirt company. It should be very soon. They have a quick turn-around. Even trying to get that order in, I still had several of you who wanted more time to get your group shirt orders together. Sometimes, it’s just tricky to get everyone happy about the time it takes to process. 

Still. let me say this: Thank-you! Thank-you a million times for being fruit-of-the-Spirit women when you order and wait. I am amazed every year that not one person EVER gets angry when we mess up an order. NO-ONE ever raises a voice or lashes out…EVER…when the wait is extensive. Not one person in any year! This, in an instant-gratification world, is nothing short of the work of God in your lives. I am so thankful to Him and you. 

So, it’s Sunday night at nine. Glenn’s down there packaging. I can hear the package tape screeching off the roll. I’m getting back to it. Thank you again. (Amy Clevenger—coming with your answer. Nancy Pennington—getting your books in a separate box.  Melissa Davidson, getting your mom’s request accomplished. Melissia Dasher, yours is a short-shirt-wait.) Carry on! Remember, if you are waiting to get those books, you can print the download or just read 1 Corinthians, making a list of the problems/conflicts in that church. I know you want the books, though. We are hurrying! 

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