When I Throw Up My Hands in Despair

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by Cindy Colley 

When the plumbing is broken; the kids have the flu;  
When money is tight and there’s too much to do;  
My insurance was canceled; my floor needs repair…  
I finally just throw up my hands in despair!  

Why all of this stress, Lord? I know there’s a reason  
Why it all seems to happen in the same dismal season. 
I know that You know, Lord. I know that you care  
When I finally throw up my hands in despair.  

Then it just seems when I cry from my soul,  
That You take my hands, Lord, and you take control. 
And just like a father You pity my plight.  
When life seems the darkest, You show me Your light.  

I think of Your Son with no place to call home  
When He left the splendor of Your side to roam  
Where people were dying and life wasn’t fair. 
I wonder if His hands went up in despair.  

I remember that it was my weakness and loss  
That held Jesus’ hands to that old Roman cross.  
My mind sees those hands that were pierced through and bleeding
And I know where this road of despair may be leading. 
I realize my troubles are really so small  
As you steady my hands and I hear your blessed call: 
“Come ye who are weary.” My soul sheds its doubt,  
And instead of my whining, You make my heart shout!  

I praise You for broken things, and broken people, too;  
That make me see I’m so dependent on You.  
I thank you for stretching Your hand out to me; 
For Golgotha and the Garden of Gethsemane.  

Keep holding my hands, Lord, till you’ve seen me through. 
Then gently release them. There’s work they must do.  
My soul is at rest, but my hands must be there  
For another whose hands have gone up in despair.

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