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NEW Cindy Colley on Homeschooling

At last! the homeschooling how-to book you’ve been waiting for! Written from the perspective of a mom who lived the homeschooling process and featuring messages from two adults who have successfully emerged as homeschool graduates. This primer covers everything from the question of socialization to Cindy’s best advice about discipline and curriculum.

Price: $14.50

NEW Picking Melons and Mates by Cindy Colley

Here it is! The children’s book that’s for toddlers and teens about choosing wisely. It’s especially about using godly wisdom when it’s time to choose a mate for life. The best thing about this book is that it has a three-week Family Bible Time Guide in the back that any parent can easily follow. The first in a Family Bible Time series, this little book about a young boy in the watermelon patch with his Uncle E, will plant seeds in the hearts of your kids that, with prayer and attention, can result in God-approved marriages and happiness that will extend into eternity. The Family Bible Time activities are very Biblical and are designed for ages one to adult…really!

Price: $10.00