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Titus and Facebook

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EyeFacebookRecently, several women have asked questions (worded in all kinds of ways) about Christian women, facebook, modesty and discretion. Questions like “Do you think we should be publicly posting things about the color of our underwear?”… “What do you think about these pregnancy photos of bare tummies?” …”My friend takes photos of personal tattoos and posts on facebook…”…”Do you really think women need to talk about bra sizes in a public forum?”

Well, first off, let me say that I think, in almost every instance, when these questions are brought to me, that women are probably not looking for answers as much as they are looking for back-up support on a position they already hold. After all, there are lots of people you could ask and most probably already know what I’m going to say about discretion and purposeful chastity. And those who want an opposing view could always ask Lady GaGa or, in most instances, their next door neighbors. Of course I am going to say I believe we should refrain from talking about subjects that bring pictures of women in underwear, or less, to mind. But just because you already knew what I would say doesn’t mean there’s not some logic/scripture in back of my judgment.

Three words in Titus 2:3-5 come to mind quickly when I think about facebook and “underwear talk”. The words, in English are “discreet”, “chaste” and “good.” The first of these words has to do with having passions fully under control, and thinking rightly… judging passions the way they, in reality, are in their effects. The second has to do with purity of heart and life. The third has to do with just what you would think…being good to the core. These are things that older women are to be teaching younger women. The reason given is pretty important: that the word of God be not blasphemed.

Such a powerful motivator for teaching makes me really want to be sure I do it, if given the chance. So, let me clearly say, I believe, we should take great care in public (and facebook is pretty public) to be sure we are extremely protective of purity, particularly purity of thought. I do believe that “underwear talk” or “tattoo pics” can tempt men who may run across such on their news feeds to impurity of thought and possibly, for those tempted by pornography, to impure actions. Is such a sin on the part of a man the fault of the one who posted the comment? No. It is his fault. He will give an account for that sin. But what woman, who wants to please the father, would seriously want to have any part in that temptation? Not me. Not you either. And then comes the question, why? Why would I risk impure effects of a posting when it’s just so simple to NOT post.

And then there’s the teaching of I Timothy 2: 9,10. Modesty is really called into question when I start posting about my shower or my undergarments or my tattoos. Am I drawing attention to my physical self in a way that may violate the principle of “having the ability to blush,” as is the literal meaning of the KJV word “shamefacedness” in that passage? My opinion is yes. Perhaps lots of us, starting with me, need to reexamine our postings and be sure they are not self-serving in an even larger sense…not boastful or self gratifying.

Perhaps just asking a few questions before I hit that post button on that picture or comment will help:

  1. Will this, or can this, harm anyone spiritually?
  2. Does this sound boastful or self serving?
  3. Am I ashamed for the Lord to read this?
  4. Would it be uncomfortable for one of my elders in the church to comment to me about this next Sunday?
  5. If the answer to any of the above is “yes”, do I have to post this?

For me, I want all of the answers to be “no”. Facebook is a social network. Social means “interacting with community.” May all of our interactions with community as His women be unquestionably good, chaste and discreet. If I would be uncomfortable saying it to ANYone at all, may I be uncomfortable posting it…because posting is just like saying it to EVERYone!

And besides, God is just so good to daily load us with benefits. Facebook is a great avenue through which we may glorify the Father. So many really good things to post…so little time!

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