Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

This is War! Enlist Now…

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Today I am really soaking up the fellowship and feasting at a program called Polishing the Pulpit in Sevierville, TN. About 2400 people have assembled (or at least been present for part/all) for PTP and the singing is incredible. It must be a preview of the soundtrack of heaven! There has been lots of interest expressed here in our West Huntsville ladies seminar to be held on August 27th. We’ve entitled that seminar “This is War” because we are angry at the devil for his no-holds-barred-all-out-attack on our families and we are ready to shout, “…Over our dead bodies are you going to get into the hearts of our husbands and children and destroy our families.”  Come hear practical ways to protect your family from immodesty, pornography, indecent forms of entertainment and the insatiable desire for material things that our culture feeds. There really may be something on the spiritual table at this seminar that can prevent disaster in your home at some point down the road. For some, it’s later than we may think. The information is below. Our ladies are working hard to make this available, extremely relevant, and cost effective (no charge for anything including housing). Only you can make it effective for your family. The deadline was officially yesterday, but consider this your special “Bless Your Heart” extension. Register today.
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