Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

This is Very Filling!

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This is just what I have been needing. I hope you can take the time to listen and I hope it fills a hunger in you, too. I am beyond blessed to know so many women who really are hungry and thirsty for righteousness. Sometimes we have doubt gnawing in our souls. Sometimes pain is the spiritual protein leach that eats away at us. Sometimes it’s people around us who have a propensity for discouraging. It might be family members who are hyper-critical or hurtful. Often it’s the cruel world that steals our spiritual nutrition in the form of our time management and entertainment choices. It may be that we just fail to “pull up to the table” and study the Word. Whatever the hunger, I hope today you will take time to be filled. Here’s a great spiritual appetizer. It may even be the main course for your day. “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness, for they shall be filled.”

Thanks again for your patience and thanks to the East Hill church in Pulaski, TN for producing this video.

“Don’t Ever Give Up Growing to Full Age” (Glenn Colley) from East Hill Church of Christ on Vimeo.

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