Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

The Summer Six Fitness Program for the Soul – Number 4

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By far the most comprehensive lectureship of which our family has ever been a part, Polishing the Pulpit is the single most spiritually sustaining, as well. I have literally known of marriages that would likely not have survived had it not been for the nurture gained through lessons and counseling received at PTP. I’ve known of congregations whose elders left PTP ready to go home and do the hard stuff–the stuff that builds strong churches–for the first time. I have known of teens who left PTP with a renewed zeal, believing, perhaps for the first time, that they were not alone in defending faith and morality…that there is a strong support system, even among peers, through the PTP network.

Kids, parents, homeschoolers, elders, and sisters who meet one another at PTP stay in touch via email and facebook groups through the year. Families get to know other families with whom they have much in common in the Lord and look forward to the week together, sometimes even sharing accommodations while in Sevierville or planning outings together.

And outings. There’s so much to do in the area, that you will want to come early or stay late, just so you can visit a museum, take in a show, or take a hike and take in His majestic mountain wonders.

Of course, the best part of the week is a multi-track spiritual feast. There’s a track for kids, for teens, for ladies, for elders, for members, for deacons, for preachers and for preacher’s wives. The biggest problem you will have is choosing which sessions to attend. The biggest blessing this year just may be that every paid attendee gets to bring home a flash drive containing the contents of the entire week’s audio. That’s right– every lesson by every speaker! That’s almost 700 lessons!

I’ll never forget that little hotel room in Gatlinburg where 12 ladies met together once a day when our husbands convened for what was a relatively tiny PTP lectureship several years ago now. Hannah Colley was the entire children’s program! The entire ladies program was having class with me once a day. God blessed those tiny beginnings. He blessed our families, our children, our husbands and their pulpits. He blessed Allen Webster, David Barker, Eddy Gilpin and Mark Howell, PTP directors, with vision, health and helpers. He blessed the Jacksonville Church in Jacksonville, AL with resources and workers and he has blessed all participants each year through these servants.

Now it’s simply huge! It’s huge for kids when they actually meet Digger Doug and Iguana Don. It’s huge for moms when we watch our teenagers grow in their hearts for God more in a week than they have in the past year. It’s huge for women to kick off a year of meaty Bible study in the Digging Deep sessions. It’s huge for young preachers to sit at the feet of Alan Highers and Tom Holland. It’s just without doubt, the most far-reaching event happening in America today. That’s because it’s the most comprehensive, most well-attended event in our country that reaches beyond the boundaries of time and space in its effect. It reaches eternity!

Check it out at The 2013 schedule has just been released. I hope I’ll see you there.

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