Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

The Parable of the Talents: The Exciting Conclusion!

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Tomorrow night (Tuesday) is the Digging Deep Podcast. Join us here: at 7 CST.  Emily Anderson will be co-hosting this month as we discuss some “Sanctified Soldiers” of the Old Testament.  Lessons I’m thinking of discussing include “What if you’re from a family of un-sanctified people?”  and  “Is it ever too late to decide  to answer God’s call to sanctification?” and  “What can we do when those who should be sanctified people are giving the people of God a bad name in our communities?” But, of course, my favorite discussions are those initiated by you.  At times, I really need to know you’re out there, so join the podcast if you can and let us hear from you on the chat, or by phone. I have already heard from someone who will be joining us from Chicago. Where will you be as you are listening? Let us know on the Digging Deep in God’s Word facebook page where you are and how many are listening with you. We may send a free book or two to some faithful listeners!…And now the finale (promise!) from the great parable Jesus told about the talents.

A woman’s talents are best funneled through a meek and quiet spirit.

It’s difficult, at best, for us to intellectually grasp the power of a feminine spirit. It is radically different from the culture in which we live. The widest door of entrance for any evil that would weaken our society is left ajar when women forsake the feminine roles of submission that God so thoroughly enjoined on us throughout both testaments of His holy word. We don’t like to talk about submission. We especially don’t like to think about the strong language God used in commanding us to be reverential of our husbands (Eph.5:33), to be obedient to them (Tit.2:5), to be submissive (Col.3:18) and to be subject to them(Eph.5:24). Neither is it popular to talk about the roles God so clearly assigned us as keepers at home (Tit.2:5). But when we leave His assigned post, we leave the door open for the devil to penetrate our homes and thus, our society with His subtle, but damning, doctrines.

What is the meek and quiet spirit of First Peter three, verses one through six that makes God’s women influential in their homes and societies?  It’s simply a gentle and calm spirit of submission.  Gentle is the way you teach a child to hold a kitten. It’s the way you hold a newborn baby. It’s the way you tell a man who’s been married to the same woman for sixty years that his partner has gone on to be with the Lord. My best description of a meek and quiet spirit is adopting an attitude that says “It’s not about me anymore. “ It’s reining in my passions, my desires, my will and giving them all to the Lord and saying “Lord, just put me wherever you want me to be, whenever you want me to be there, doing whatever you want me to do.  Just use me for your glory and for the benefit of others who could make it to heaven if I stop thinking about what I want and start making my life a living sacrifice to you.”   Getting this “not about me” attitude will revolutionize every area of our lives and enrich every use of our talents. The “I am your woman, let me soar! (Isa. 40:31) mentality is far more powerful than the “I am woman, hear me roar” feminism of our day. Just beginning to think of the practical implications of the “not about me” thinking will get us out of the “box” of selfish ambition in which our culture would confine us.

If I adopt the “It’s not about me” attitude I will be evangelistic. I will stop being so aware of MY comfort zone and start seeking and grabbing the fleeting chances to influence destinies for heaven. I will speak a word about the Lord even when it seems embarrassing or out of place. I will interject an invitation to study when it seems awkward. I will study and prepare myself to be up to the challenge when that opportunity does arise.

If I stop being “all about me”, I will be a better listener and stop dominating the conversation. It’s amazing how much I can learn and grow when I finally take those chances to listen…not to mention the influential effect I will have on others when I wait till they ask for my advice!

I will have a better marriage. I could go on about the ways I’ve seen this work, but God’s word is far better than mine and He has told me as much!

I will be less concerned about the material things of this world…you know those things that will all be in a pile of ashes one day. I will be more concerned about the things that will still surround me a hundred years from now.

If I am really about others instead of self I will dress modestly. Why do women dress immodestly?  The answers I get when I ask this question are these:

“It’s more comfortable.”

“I really like it when guys think I’m cute or pretty.”

 “It’s what’s out there in the stores right now.”

“It’s cooler in the summer.”

“I like the attention.”

Let’s face it. All of these answers are about me. They are about what is convenient for me, what I like, what pleases me. They are certainly not about what will help my brother refrain from committing adultery of the heart (Mt. 5:27) or abstain from the fleshly lusts that war against his soul (I Pet.2:11).  The “It’s not about me” mode of thinking will revolutionize the way we dress.

The list could go on. The one talent man did what kept him in his comfort zone. Lots of times when we do what keeps us comfortable, it’s nothing. So it was with him. He took what could have multiplied into great things for his master and buried it. He was unwilling to take a risk, fearful of leaving the comfort zone, and sadly, he was cast into outer darkness where there was weeping and gnashing of teeth. This description of the servant’s punishment is not unlike the description of eternal punishment found in Matthew 8:12.

Are you burying something of value today? I know some ten talent sisters who are burying most, if not all, of the talents for which they have been given responsibility. Is it your talent for teaching? Is it your financial ability to provide for the needy or fund the programs of the church? Is it your knowledge of the gospel? Is it your window of child-rearing opportunity? Is it your artistic, writing, creative, or comforting talent? Is it your study time? Is it your sweet hour of prayer? Is it your influence with younger women? Is it your ability to make newcomers comfortable in the Kingdom? Why? Are you fearful of a God who reaps where he did not sow? Are you absorbed in your selfish purposes?  Are you “slothful” or just unconcerned about spiritual things?

If you have been burying something, don’t put that shovel down! Now comes the hard part. Dig it up! Clean it up! Invest it! Think a lot about that last day of reckoning. Think about that trumpet. Start listening for that shout.  He is on a journey, but He is coming back. Where is your talent? Take a talent inventory today and be sure he can say “Well done” when he comes to take that final account.

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