The Mountain

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A mountain was before me;
A rugged rocky climb.
So I began the upward path
That steepened all the time.

My burdens were so heavy.
With great pain I faced the test.
I longed to turn back and descend;
To lay them down and rest.

“Don’t look back,” I heard His voice say.
“Yesterday is but a dream.
Lay its burdens at the water’s brink
And ford this mountain stream.”

And so the load was lighter.
I was given strength anew.
The mountain would be mine now,
For my purpose still was true.

But the sun bore down in torrents
Blinding me.  I couldn’t tell
Where the jagged rocks ahead lay.
I stumbled, then, and fell.

The everlasting arms were there
To catch me once again,
And a reassuring voice said,
“I understand the pain.”

“Do not fear the rugged path ahead
Or shirk from the unknown;
For I will give you blessings
Where my sparkling sun has shone.”

So the burden of tomorrow
I left lying in the sun;
And the prospect of what was ahead
Became a hopeful one.

The mountain just got steeper.
The sun ne’er failed to shine.
But with each step my soul soared higher
And the mountain…it was mine!
My worries still remind me
From that rocky mountain side.
That burdens of another day
Are carried by my Guide.

He weaves mistakes of yesterday
Into tomorrow’s plan;
And I am not afraid to climb
When my Lord holds my hand!

“Give me this mountain…”  Joshua 14:12
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