Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

The Makings of a Scam

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UnknownWhat makes a scam, a scam?  Is it the fact that there are multiple attempts to get you to buy into the pyramid or project? Is it the fact that there is a reward offered for those who buy in? Is it the fact that there’s an investment to be made to buy in? No. None of these things make a proposition a scam? What makes it a scam is that there is a FALSE claim. It’s the lie that makes a scam, a scam. 

The Bible repeats its plea for you and me to come to Christ. It offers a huge reward for those who “buy in”. It requires a large investment of time and resources for those who are involved. But it’s only a scam if its claims are not true. 

The Word of God makes some pretty big claims for Itself. In just this one chapter, Psalm 119, it claims all of the following attributes and more.  May I suggest to you that it is either every whit true, 100% inspired and accurate OR it is the biggest scam in history. You see, the bigger the claim, the bigger the scam…UNLESS, of course, the claims are all true. If the Bible is not God-breathed truth, it’s not a good book, but a lie.  If it is not THE truth…If it is not the message of salvation it is not a helpful volume. It’s a lie. It’s either all I need or it’s the largest duping imaginable. 

It’s all of this to me (from Psalm 119):

vs. 9—the way that a young man cleanses his way

vs. 10—the commandments of God, 

vs. 11-the antidote for sin

vs18—full of wondrous things

vs. 29—law 

vs. 30—way of truth

vs. 36—keep me from covetousness

vs. 39—good

vs. 45—gives liberty

vs. 49—hope

vs. 50 —comfort in affliction

vs. 54—song while we are pilgrims

vs. 72—better than thousands of gold and silver

vs.73—learning it is the reason God made us

vs. 80—keeps me from shame

vs. 85—keeps me from pride

vs. 89—settled forever

vs. 104—how I get understanding

vs. 105—lamp to my feet and a light to my path

vs. 111-source of my joy

vs. 128—right

vs. 129—wonderful

vs. 130—gives understanding to uneducated

vs. 133—keeps me from sinful addictions

vs. 137—upright

vs. 138—very faithful

vs. 140—very pure

vs. 142—THE truth

vs. 155—contains salvation

vs. 165—gives great peace

vs. 175—helps me.

What is the Bible to you? Have you examined the evidence behind its claims? Contact us at The Colley House if we can help. The claims are too large to ignore.

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