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Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

The-Alabama-Sun’s-Finally-Out Pre-Spring T-Shirt Clearance! 

When the basement at the Colley house flooded last Saturday, along with lots of other things that flooded in our area over the weekend,  I quickly grabbed those t-shirts stored in the book room and brought them upstairs to a safer dryer climate.They are undamaged and still new.  If you want one, just in time for T-shirt weather, I’ll send you one of the remaining few for five dollars plus whatever the actual shipping on your package is when it arrives in your mailbox! Since quantities are limited, you need to order by emailing me your desired size(s) and your mailing address to Then send a check or PayPal me (Message me for PP address)  when your shirt arrives. We have limited quantities of S, L, XL, 2XL and 3XL left.They’re cornflower blue and the lettering is a creamy off-white.  I’ve worn and washed mine lots and it’s still in good shape. They are Comfort Colors brand, so, as you know, I’m losing money on these clearance ones! I’ll try and post on the DD group page when they are gone. Thanks!

And, among the silver linings are…we only lost a relatively small number of books to water damage… I was keeping five little boys that day (some of them not so little), who were able to help move some major stuff… Glenn’s preaching appointment put him back in town on Saturday afternoon to help mop up and dehumidify…and the trees that normally bloom around mid-March are stepping up their game! 

But my new rain boots got a year’s worth of puddle-jumping in a week! 

Don’t forget the podcast is Tuesday night at 7 CST!

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