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Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

This Holiday: A GRAND Celebration

HHCollectionIt’s time for the Christmas Bundle Special again at the Colley house. This year, in honor of Ezra,  The Colley House would like to offer a half price special for the grandmothers who read “Bless Your Heart.”  Any combination of five “Hannah’s Hundred”s CDs and you get them at half price. (Your kids and grandkids will be singing the scriptures in no time!) Additionally if you’d like five “Picking Melons and Mates” books, you can get them at half price as well. So, this year, it’s bundles of FIVE!… Hannah’s Hundreds OR Picking Melons and Mates for Half Price.  Get one or two bundles of each! You can find the Hannah’s Hundred special HERE and the Picking Melons and Mates Special HERE. Either bundle is a great way to check off the children on your list. “Picking Melons and Mates” is a great way to get your grandchildren started on a nightly family Bible time schedule. It includes an easy-to-follow plan for beginning Family Bible Time, a tradition that will help your grandchildren to heaven. (That’s my favorite thing about “Picking Melons”, for sure!) Special Ends at Midnight on December 25th.PMM

The “Bless Your Heart” Contest this year is about the “grands”, too. Send us your favorite holiday anecdote or memory that involves a grandparent and/or a grandchild.  Tell us what your grandmother’s house smelled like or about the Christmas when you tugged at Grandpa’s Santa beard or maybe about the year when Grandmother’s tree fell on the baby! Send it to Deadline is December 20th at noon. Two winners receive their choice of any five books from The Colley House along with the brand new DVD designed to introduce your non-Christian friends to the gospel: “The Killing of Jesus.” It’s the greatest story ever told and Glenn Colley is a great story-teller, if I do say so myself.

It’s a great time for giving. A great time for thanking. It’s a great time for putting the Word in the hearts of your kids and grandkids. That’s a gift that can transcend this lifetime! Happy Holidays!

Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Stocking Holiday Special

XmasStockingSpecialDigger Doug’s Rockin’ the Stockin’ Holiday Special

Need a gift for kids of all ages? This is the best of Digger Doug music amped up for kid consumption! Reminiscent of “Schoolhouse Rocks” music, these lyrics defy Darwinian evolution and promote the scientific principle of universal design. Your kids will love jamming to the upbeat music of Digger Doug producer, Caleb Colley (and while they are singing, they’ll be cementing some very important truths about human origins). Apologetics Press always delivers the best building blocks for the case for design and this CD will not disappoint. Since the music is not spiritual, in nature, but rather fun lyrics about the design principle in science, this is an instrumental version with a beat that will rock your road trips! And, for the holidays, it’s offered at a price that will rock your wallet! (Teachers, get an extra special bargain when you buy six for gifts for your Bible school class, or better yet, buy a bunch for your public school class! Great way to spread the good word about origins!)

DD Rocks

Digger Doug’s Underground Rocks (originally $10.00 each)

Special Holiday Price–$ 8.00 each

Bible Class Gift Special (Buy 6 for $40.00. That’s a $20.00 savings!)

Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Let’s Do This Together

It’s Thanksgiving Day. I have already prepared seven home-cooked meals in this house this week. We are about to smoke and roast our second turkey of the week. So far, besides the turkey, we’ve eaten pork, greens, beans, sweet potatoes. broccoli, rice, corn, pecans, pumpkin, wheat, sugar, eggs, milk, oranges, pineapples, bananas, grapes, apples and various spices. All of these have been prepared to make various side dishes and desserts, but this is the list of the straight-from-God raw materials upon which the menus for the week have been based. I knew it already, but when you boil any endeavor in life down to a succinct list of raw materials used for its accomplishment, your dependency on God is always so stark and obvious–right there before your eyes in black and white. Without Him there’s just no starting point for whatever it is you hope to accomplish. Many, at the end of the day, will be given credit or even credit themselves for great goals reached. They may fail to acknowledge the reality that the resources for material success are all dispensed by His mercy. They may even deny His existence. But when every knee bows they will understand their utter dependency on the Lord. Let us come before His presence today and every day with thanksgiving. Let us sing to the Lord with songs of praise (Psalm 95:2).

 During seasons of decorating, we sometimes skip the meditating. During seasons of eating, we fall behind in reading. During times of numerous cares, we’re short on time for prayers. Weary from over-shopping, we sometimes don’t think of stopping to just be still and know that He is God. It’s during this time of the year that we may be tempted to fall behind in our study plans and, for those of us who are Digging Deep, it may become difficult to stay in the game. May I encourage you to overcome the temptation to let your Bible study fall by the wayside?  All worthwhile accomplishments come with obstacles. All winners have days when they’re tempted to throw in the towel. All achievers can look back at points of resistance…times when they had to get over formidable “humps” to stay on track. May I encourage you to be patient with yourself if you have fallen behind in your study? Catch up a little each day till you are back on track. Don’t despair and give up on the whole project. Whether it’s Digging Deep or some other study plan you’re following, don’t get way-laid by the holidays! I hope you don’t, but even if you have to leave a portion of the study undone, don’t give up on the whole plan just because you had to miss a portion of it. Keep striving. Keep getting together with your group or study partner or taking your time alone with the Lord. Just decide that you will not let the devil get the better of you during this holiday season! I’m just like you. I’ve gotten a little ahead on the physical feasting this week and a little behind on the spiritual food. I’m determined to balance this out before the podcast next week. I hope you’ll be there next Tuesday night.

One more thing… Glenn and I have put together some holiday bundles offering some pretty deep discounts for some of the most popular items on the website. There’s a family bundle, a teen bundle and a kids’ bundle. Our idea is that perhaps these bundles will help you with your Christmas list. Know a home-schooler, a newly-wed or engaged couple, some young parents, and a child? You could get all four gifts, plus more from one bundle. We love giving spiritual materials for gifts. It comforts us to know that when the gift is opened, perhaps the heart can be, too. Go to

Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy the bounty for body and soul!


2012 New Year’s Special

Poems, Prayers and Promises by Cindy Colley

Get your act together this year. Get organized while prioritizing the spiritual. This planner is filled with the spiritual focus you need to do the right things and the order you need to do them efficiently. Alissa uses it for her meal planner and Christa uses it to chart all the first roll-overs, laughs, words, teeth and steps of her baby. Cindy uses it to keep up with a busy schedule and Celine doesn’t use hers at all. She’s just saving it to pass down to her daughter. It’s a prayer list keeper, a Bible study notebook or a baby shower gift. Every opening has the poetry of Cindy Colley. A 52 week planner for any year.

Special Price: $ 10.00 
(Regular Price: $ 15.95)