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Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

From Digging Deep 2025! It’s getting closer!

It’s in the works! Cover design and editing are happening this week. I hope you’re down to join us for the new study that will begin on September 1st. Many women have already been getting their classes together for the fall of ’24. I hope we will have more ladies than ever before. I hope you can start praying now. Souls can be strengthened for Him. Congregations can be more unified when women are getting together around the Word. And lost women can find the way of salvation.

Here’s one of many reflective interjections from next year’s study. The study has already blessed me, but then, the Word blesses every time!

“Often, when we study with people, especially atheists, they are unwilling to listen because they have preconceived, but mistaken notions about what the Bible says, and thus, about what we believe. An example of this is that non-believers shut down Christians because they think we believe miracles are happening all around us and they are not seeing them. But, when they come to find out that you and I do not believe miracles are occurring today, (though we believe every one in the Bible occurred and we believe our Bibles are products of past miracles), then they are willing to talk to us and doors toward belief are opened. Sometimes a non-believer does not want to talk to me because she thinks I believe the Calvinistic doctrine that babies are born in sin or that we do not get to choose whether or not we are elected to receive salvation. Once I state biblical truth about the false nature of Calvinism, then the nonbeliever is willing to hear me out about the gospel.”

The value of a soul learning the Scriptures is inestimable. It’s my prayer that, through Digging Deep ’24-’25,  the Holy Scriptures will impact more women, for more glory to our God of more (Ephesians 3:20-22) than ever before!



Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

The Root Problem…

It was the cutest little combination of succulents in a tiny pottery custard cup. Pretty little rocks surrounded tiny little plants and it was meant for my kitchen window! So I brought it home from that ladies day where it was in my gift basket, excited that it was so healthy, but knowing that my black thumb would soon sentence it to the pile of once-beautiful-but-now-decaying plants I’ve thrown out that door behind the lone thriving Gardenia bush that I’ve come to think of as my one horticultural success. Maybe that Gardenia thrives on dead plants thrown at its roots. My friend, Pat, gives me daises. “Anybody can grow these. I mean you can’t keep them from growing.” Then, the next spring, I dread the moment when she will say “You DO have daisies this year, don’t you. Oh mine are taking over the place!”

I was so happy that one spring when I could say “Yes I have one!” One daisy. 

But this succulent was going to be different. Succulents are hardy. They need little water and care. And this one was so cute. So I watered rarely and watched that thing grow. I thought about the day when I would transplant it into a larger piece of pottery. And it did prosper. Sometimes I thought, “Wow, that thing grew a little overnight.”  I’d pick it up to see how heavy it was and determine if it needed water. It flourished in the sunlight there in my kitchen window. I decided that I had a succulently green thumb and that I had come into my own with this one kind of plant!

Today was the day that I was going to transplant that little thriving thing into a bigger dish. I chose an antique casserole dish that had belonged to Glenn’s great grandmother; a dish that I wanted to keep, but one that I did not want to risk in the microwave or dishwasher. It was, in my mind, a perfect use for that little gold and black bowl. I’d have to graduate my plant from the windowsill to the table. 

So I started to dig it up. I looked out the window and found the spot where I’d dig up some additional dirt for the transplant. Ezra had gathered some pretty smooth stones from his last hike with Papa, so I would put those around the plant and cover the soil to the perimeter of the dish. Perfect. 

I started to dig the plant out of its little custard dish. On one side of the plant I saw some type of white “mineral” as I started to dig. I thought, “Wow, I guess this is why this thing has been so healthy. They had put some kind of Miracle Gro or something in there.” It looked kind of like a salty mixture. “Maybe that’s to absorb extra water.” 

Then I dug a little deeper and that whole plant came up…

In a chunk of styrofoam! I’ve been watering styrofoam for 8 months! I’ve been watching plastic “grow”! My mums outside are the most pitiful things. My hasta plants (you know the ones everyone else is thinning out) are struggling along beside elephant’s ears that may have to have tubes because of ear infection. But this!…This was my little prize. This was the pretty little succulent that COULD. It could grow and thrive and be transplanted to something lovely on my table. 

That thing was styrofoam and plastic and a few pretty little pebbles to hide its duplicity! Pebbles were the only real part of the little display. And I had even cracked the custard bowl digging it out!

Don’t anyone come bringing me a succulent for the feel-betters, either. I mean, I am done! 

Here are the take-aways: 

  1. Take the time to learn the difference between what’s real and what’s plastic. There’s a lot of plastic in this world today. 
  2. Imagined growth is sometimes substituted for real growth. If you aren’t measuring your growth by the objective standard (With plants, it’s a ruler; with souls, it’s the Word.), then you might not be experiencing growth at all. You may be imagining life growth while your styrofoam’s just swelling. 
  3. What you think is nutrition, may just be evaporation. (A lot of water went somewhere.) The Water of Life is useless if we are not drinking it. 
  4. Sometimes, we can look like we are planted in the good soil of Matthew 13, when really, we are just on the stony ground. My little stones looked really good, but there was nothing under there to sustain a plant. 
  5. Just because someone thinks you’re beautiful, doesn’t mean you have substantive beauty that really counts. 
  6. If you look nice, but you are not connected to the living vine (John 15) you will eventually be thrown in the fire. 
  7. There are some spots in life when you are VERY surprised to learn that what you thought was real was counterfeit. In those times, you can’t spend a lot of time regretting the effort you put into the counterfeit. You have to just look around for what’s real and go to the authentic with water and nutrition and some “saving power.” I’m going to the struggling hastas and elephant’s ears.  And I’m going to the souls that need me.  

Today is ‘fire-day” for this little deceiver. Great Grandmother’s bowl is way too good for plastic succulents.

Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Sister to Sister: Black Lives Matter…There’s No Band-Aid

498484120_1280x720The irony of the Black Lives Matter movement lies in its consistent insistence to assign motives to policemen prior to any process of investigation. While it’s clearly wrong for a policeman to assume, without evidence, that a person of color is a criminal and to act on that assumption, it’s surely the same leap for people of color to assume that a policeman who is making a traffic stop is pulling a person over because he is black and not because he is violating a traffic ordinance.

A young black girl got into the car of a friend of mine recently. This friend has gone out of her way on multiple occasions to transport this young girl, whose family is unwilling or unable to provide transportation for her. The conversation, on this particular day, turned to law enforcement  officers. The young girl commented “I don’t like cops. They don’t like us. They just want to hurt my people, just because we’re black.”

Now the girl is just a young teen. She was, very likely, just spewing forth what she’d heard others say. Surely she didn’t realize, though, that she was saying it to the mother of a young man who puts on that uniform every morning and works diligently all day to protect the people of her city—to protect her. She didn’t know she was profiling. And there’s lot of profiling going on in the BLM movement.

The reason all human lives matter is because all souls matter for all of eternity. God is the soul-giver and He doesn’t make souls in colors or with bank accounts. When we come to understand that in each hoodie and in each uniform is a soul that will live in eternity in heaven or hell, we’re gaining ground toward peace; not because some aura of compassion comes over us when we attach a spiritual connotation to the people around us, but, rather, because when God is recognized as the Creator and Soul-giver, recognition of and respect for His inherent authority necessarily follows. His Word is the prescription for peace in our land. It both ordains and controls law enforcement agencies (Romans 13) and it instructs the citizenry in living with respect and deference to fellowmen. When we remove that Word from our society and make a mockery, on so many levels, of its precepts and authority, surely we should not be surprised when chaos ensues.

Are there thinking people who truly believe life’s better in America now that we’ve divorced ourselves from a national respect for the Word of God? Give me respect for the Word in our land any day and take me back to an era where children could safely ride their bikes all over their communities, where babies were safe in the wombs of their mothers, where fathers worked hard to provide for their families and mothers nurtured children in loving homes. Bring repentance to the hearts of those who have prejudice and malice, and a strong desire in the hearts of God’s people to bring souls to the Cross. The ground is level at the foot of the Cross. But the cross is not an invitation to a free-for-all. It’s for all, but it’s not free. The Cross is not a compromise with sin. It’s an ultimatum.

The men in blue are clearly a part of the Biblical  system of authority found in God’s Word. Christians in the first century church were called on to respect and obey civil authority even though their Roman government was oppressive and persecuted Christians. But when we estrange our government and our citizenry from the One who is at the top of the chain of command, all the links are weakened and governmental systems fail. The reason we can’t find the band-aid to put on the violence that’s erupting around our nation is because it’s really hard to find a band-aid when internal bleeding is quickly draining life away. Our nation, without any respect for truth and righteousness, is under cardiac arrest.