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Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Heart and Soul. =)

Happy Valentine’s Day! I know lots of children who have been very excited about the paper kind of valentines that they’ve spent lots of time punching out and signing to distribute to friends at Bible class and school. I know three that are pretty pumped about opening the Valentine box this afternoon and having a little family party while we open scores of tiny little heart cards. Our tradition is to put little messages on those cards telling each child the things that we admire about their characters. They take these messages to heart and soul!

Speaking of the soul, I’ve been meaning to recommend this lesson about the soul for your listening if you get a minute this week. It profoundly impacted and encouraged me. I know I recommend Glenn’s lessons way too frequently, but he’s the preacher I hear most often. So, by default, he’s the one through which the Word most often influences me. You will be blessed by clicking here and listening. The Holy Spirit (the Person of our Digging Deep study this month) is the Holy One who teaches and directs our own spirits. I love Him more and more!

The Soul

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