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Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

The War on Women

TV_Kelly_Trump-03b68-1973Yes. There’s a cultural war on women occurring in the United States today. Maybe even around the world. But it’s not perpetuated by the political right. It’s ideological in nature and it’s successfully stripping women of respect, purpose and integrity. In fact if I wanted to make sure that women were being sabotaged in this, the richest society in the world, here’s what I would do:

  1. First, I’d make her understand that she, along with her male counterparts, is just another rung on the evolutionary ladder; just another link in the Darwinian chain. No soul. No higher purpose. Just another animal. But the kicker for women, in this Darwinian scenario is that there is no explanation for her existence. No way to explain that she even is. Unlike the account she’s believed for millenniums about the fact that she completed and crowned God’s creation, I’d make her believe she was just a fluke somewhere in the billions of years of coincidences mixed with mistakes that made the universe and life what it is today. I’d do that first. Right off the bat I’d rip away that notion that she has spiritual or eternal significance.
  2. Next I think I would be sure I started young to make her “look” cheap. I think I’d put little outfits in all the stores that were composed of mini-skirts and halter tops and I’d start in size 2T. I’d make it difficult and expensive to dress a little girl like a little girl. I’d make the transition, in apparel, from little girl to worldly woman a very short leap.
  3. And I’d get her used to hearing demeaning terms for women and all kinds of sexual innuendos very early on. I would get her in front of the television as often as possible. I’d make her think that drinking and partying were the real “stuff” of happiness. I’d want her to play video games where the cartoon women are always scantily clad, provocative, tattoed, busty and brash. And then I’d play all this up in her real world the first chance I got. I’d want her to think wearing a tiny cheer uniform and moving her body provocatively was cool and, somehow (it’s beyond me) even respectable. I’d want her to have dance lessons, play volleyball in her panties or be on a running team or a swim team where the expected dress was almost nothing. I’d want her to start being comfortable letting people see her in a sports bra and I’d want her to have holes in her jeans in the places where cheap attention could be drawn to her body. This is an important part of what I’d do to make her forget the intrinsic value of her soul.
  4. Next, I’d target her heroines. I’d make the most important women in the country the rudest and the most immoral. I’d make the politically powerful women loud, dishonest and vulgar. I’d make the heroines of the entertainment world trashy. I’d make the top songs that women hear on the radio tout fornication, homosexual relationships and masturbation. I’d make women who are empty and unhappy be the role models. This would help me drain the very souls of  younger women of purpose and positive influence.
  5. Then, I’d make her believe she’s very dispensable by telling her that you don’t even need a woman anymore to have a marriage and a family. I’d do my best to get her to buy that lie.
  6. And based on that lie, I’d tell her that, in fact, womanhood is not even reserved for those who are born as girls. The female identity is easily taken by anyone who wants it.…It’s easy for Bruce to be Katelyn. All it takes is a change of wardrobe and a few hormones. Gender is not really a sacred assignment at all.  So quit spouting off about the virtues of womanhood, already.
  7. Next, I think I’d try to make her believe that a woman’s integrity is not all that important in a court of law. I’d tell her she’s too fragile to be able to withstand the pursuit of evidence. “If you cry ‘date rape,’ well they’ll just have to believe you, because your traumatized state is too weak and fragile to risk re-traumatization.  Your psyche might not be able to handle presentation of evidence, interrogation or cross-examination. You’re not strong enough to prove your own integrity.” (One story is here, but, be warned the triumphant victor in this courtroom is not discreet in her text messages.
  8. But I wouldn’t stop there. I’d make her unashamed of the objectification of womanhood that happens to be the largest entertainment venue in America, today. In fact, I’d want her to go on and join the ranks of those who objectify people. I’d want her to watch “Fifty Shades of Gray.” Further, I’d want her to extol the literary virtues of the book, too. What better way to take away the dignity of women in our culture than to have them clamoring by the millions to the vile and cheap?
  9. Then I’d try to legalize the killing of life within her womb. I’d so mix up her sense of logic that I’d make her believe it is emancipating to let doctors come inside her womb and suction out the life that is dependent on her for survival. I’d take her sense of values to the very lowest possible point and convince her to be okay with selling the life that has her chromosomes, her hair color, her skin pigmentation and, yes, his or her own beating heart. I’d get her to have no conscience at all about the person who is being ripped apart and becoming merchandise. I’d somehow make her think she’s becoming more of a woman when she allows a violation of that magnitude to occur in her own womb.
  10. I’d make her believe her value lies in some numerical figure on a pay stub. I’d make her believe that true success can be counted in dollars and cents and that her intrinsic value is dependent on her ability to bring home the bacon (or wield power at the office or control accounts or successfully patronize important clients.) I’d do this in lots of ways, but I would not forget to build short maternity leave into job benefits and to build lots of day cares near, or in, her work sites. I’d try to make career pursuit in all situations seem normal and expected, and certainly guilt-free.  In fact, I might try and make women who were not career-minded seem lazy and worthless by comparison.
  11. Next, I’d try to downplay…no…remove from her psyche any maternal tugs. If she ever starts to cry when she has to leave that little six-week-old baby for the first day back at work, I’d make her think “Ah, this is just normal. All moms go through this healthy week of detaching from children. I need to get past this post-birth weepiness and be productive.” If her kids are getting sick a lot at daycare, I’d want her to, once again, justify her choices by thinking “Oh…this’ll be good for them in the long run…you know…build up their immunities.” In this step-by-step, day by day rationalization of dissonance in the plan, I’d slowly get her to stop feeling the tugs. I’d get her to incrementally forget that there is a reason for maternal pulls in her heart. Further, I’d get her to make investments and mortgages—I’d get her to buy things…lots of things.I’d get her in debt to the plan that’s silencing the maternal nature within. I’d do this until she couldn’t answer the cries even were she hearing them. I’d make those who are choosing riches for their kids over the raising of their kids defend this pursuit by always pointing out that “there are lots of women who have to work to put food on the table and we should not make those women feel guilty.”   I’d be happy about that argument if I were out to denigrate women, because, although that argument is irrelevant when the subject is choosing, it (the argument about needy women) would rally the troops who have already, to a large extent, driven our economy  and moral conscience to a place where, in some communities, virtually all women work full-time outside the home as their children are coming up.
  12. And finally, I’d give her applause. I’d give her lots of this and for all the superficial things.  I’d give her pats on the back and I’d make good, but deceived, women go, with a vengeance, after those who would call women back to the heart of womanhood. I’d make the cheapening, the immodesty, the brashness, the override of the maternal impulses—I’d make all that VERY politically correct. I’d make any reference to scriptures about submission or keeping the home seem terribly antiquated and out of place in any real discussion of the role of women. In fact, I’d make the phrase, “role of women” sound very oppressive and shockingly  outdated.

Oh…and after I’d managed to maneuver in all the above ways, I’d be sure to keep a close eye on the veritable army of faithful twenty-something and thirty-something moms within the Lord’s church who are in the Word and in prayer and determined that the devil is not having their kids. These are the ones, after all, who are raising up the fighters of the next generation. It’s not the millennials who are primarily about saving the trees, the right to “choose”, the rainforests or the human habitats that are protective of women in our society. It’s those millennials who are, first, about saving souls, respecting the Father, protecting life, itself, and aspiring to everlasting habitations that just may be able to raise up a generation that can secure all that has traditionally been good and right and holy about womanhood. And they are using the tools, too. They are networking globally, attending spiritual conventions and workshops, producing books, seeking mentors and studying THE manual for human elevation.  They are the ones I’d target if I were waging a war on women; and they’d be ruthless in their defense of traditional marriage, distinctive genders, disciplined children, ordered homes and moms who are, first of all, keepers of those homes.

So this is how I’d wage a real war on women. I mean if I really wanted to strip women in our culture of  power, I’d take away the legacy that is the inheritance of faith. If I wanted to rob women of dignity, I’d make them set, as their standards, the cheap, the undressed, the immoral. If I wanted to debase them, I’d dirty their minds with pornography and their hands with deceit. I’d make them say “abortion” when they mean “murder”.  I’d make them say “tolerance” when they mean “approval.”  I’d make them say “love” when they mean “lust.” I’d mix them up with terminology and I’d tempt them into thinking that the primary purpose of life is self-fulfillment. I’d make them think that truth for their lives and homes is not objective but “lies within themselves”.   All in all, I’d go for their hearts. That’s just what the devil has done.

The current war on women is not from the political right or from the oppressive religions of the Middle East. The war on women today is from hell, itself, and the devil is gaining ground. He is taking the spoils—the real commodities of value—from women. He is giving us a mess of pottage that is temporarily filling in exchange for the faith and goodness that has characterized great women from the dawn of time. And so it will not be in some presidential debate or even in Congress or the Supreme Court chambers that the war is won or lost. It will be in the hearts of women and in the families of America. It will all depend on whether women are smart enough and strong enough to recognize and resist the cultural attack on the real power of women.

Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Sister to Sister: It Doesn’t Really Matter What I Think about Fourth Avenue

In light of a widely read and watched article and video from Franklin, TN in the past few days about a young woman taking a position as a preaching intern, I just want to make a few concise statements this morning… Not that it matters what I say… at all. I guess that’s the point.

1. Having a talent doesn’t give me license to do whatever I feel will glorify God in worship or service with with that talent. Korah, Dathan and Abiram obviously had leadership skills and talents. They rallied Israel behind them. But God was sorely displeased with their attempts at challenging his system. In fact his earth opened up and swallowed them (Numbers 16).
2. It doesn’t matter how many people are accepting of a proposition or position or how revered those people are. Widespread acceptance doesn’t make something pleasing to God. In our present culture, I should not even have to cite an example for this premise, but the book of Malachi as well as numerous others should suffice.
3. We do not “interpret Christ through Paul” or visa versa. Every word in the text is from the same author, The Holy Spirit of God. Jesus, himself, was insistent on that truth (Matthew 4:4). To disparage ANY of His words, whether written through Paul or Christ is to blaspheme Him.
4. Jesus never taught anything that conflicts with any teaching of Paul. There is no need to interpret either through the other to determine the role of women in the church. Their teachings are not contradictory.
5. The teaching of the Holy Spirit through Paul In I Timothy 2 is tied, in the text, to creation (verse 12-14); not to any particular culture.
6. Having a feeling of “peace” is not the way we figure out whether what we are doing is pleasing to God. Saul was very much “at peace” with holding the coats of those who were stoning Stephen and imprisoning Christians in the name of God (Acts 23:1).
7. Sometimes wolves look gentle and docile…like sheep (Matthew 7:15).
8. Just because there is a movement in a body does not mean the Hand of God is orchestrating that movement. It is possible that movement is “REmoval (emphasis mine, CC) to another gospel” (Galatians 1:6,7). Movement can be perversion.
9. Just because this young woman has made this public step does not mean that her heart is vile, hardened, or impure. Perhaps she can reason through this using Scripture and begin again. She has much influence to offer. Imagine what she can do in divinely ordered channels! I am going to try to contact her and make a prayerful attempt.
10. Perhaps the most comforting thing about this whole scenario is the wisdom of the God we serve in making the congregations of the body autonomous. Just because unscriptural decisions and practices are affecting the body in a nearby community does not mean they must affect the congregation in which I worship Him. I praise Him for that divine insulation.
11. Just because a sign in front of the building may say “Church of Christ” does not necessarily mean that the body of people who meet inside really are part of the body for which He died. At some point, when people digress in faithfulness, the “candlestick” is divinely removed. We know this from Revelation 2. Though we know that for many years the denominational world at large has scorned the teaching of I Timothy 2 as it relates to the role of women in worship, our consternation in the past few days has been because this is a congregation called the church of Christ. God knows whether the candlestick is in place. He always gets that right. A sign, a place in a directory, a nomenclature on a website or Facebook page, or a link to a Christian university or publication does not, of course, determine true identity.
12. Respecting diverse choices about worship is not a Biblical concept. In fact, respecting each other is not what worship is about. Worship has never been about what I. or others, might choose. If I may use Lauren’s illustration, Abraham would never have chosen to worship in the way God prescribed in Genesis 22. The worship he offered was a total rejection of what he would have preferred and of the “talents” he would have seen as valuable or instrumental to God’s purposes. It was the WORD of God that directed his offering; not his own talents or abilities. It is the WORD that should direct us to selflessly submit, respecting HIM.

Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Mama’s K.I.S.S. #31: Zero-Tolerance Cool Rule

276649_origWhile it’s true that all kids are going to go through stages when they want to be “cool” in some innocuous ways (i.e, using innocent faddish teen words or sporting the latest hairstyle), Christian service and the kind of “cool” that berates others are inherently incompatible. You just can’t put your heart into ministering to those who are diseased, poor, unpopular or socially awkward while you make fun of them. I have seen this kind of “cool’ in action on the mission field or at work camps. It manifests itself in cells of popular kids in youth groups who love going to pass out goody-bags to homeless people while leaving the less-popular, less accepted members of the youth group to do another job on another street. How is it that we can minister to materially needy outsiders while rejecting socially (and, often materially) needy insiders? Such “ministry” is really only about self. Problems with selfishness are hard to address in youth groups where well-meaning leaders have little control over the much more direct impressions that are being made by parents at home.

But this is written for moms at home. We can fix this is if we start early and stay late in our absolute across-the-board refusal to allow our kids to berate others based on race, social strata or intelligence quotas. At our house, we banned making fun of people because of the stylishness (or lack thereof) of clothes they wore, because of brand names of clothes, cars, or shoes, because of the homes in which they lived, or because of the age or situation of their parents. Children, especially teens, are so very emotionally volatile and our kids have no business ever considering themselves better, in any sense except spiritually (if they are indeed sanctified and holy), than their peers. They simply cannot grow up as both servants and snobs.

Of course there are all kinds of ways we put humility in our children. There are the great stories of Abraham and Moses and Paul and the Lord, himself. There are the constant examples we show them in our own quiet benevolence and in our words of kindness. There’s the hospitality we offer without distinction and the way we sit with visitors to our services even when they don’t smell good. It’s just the way we emit this understanding that physical attributes are unimportant and very temporary. We can, over time, put blinders to wealth and beauty on our children.

But another important and effective add to this parental mix is punishment. Our children should know that when they berate someone there will be a price to pay. When they berate someone who is poor, they may miss a meal themselves. When they make fun of a person’s clothing because it is not up their standards of style, they may have to surrender a few choice pieces from their own wardrobe. When they do not want to sit with a socially awkward person in the youth section, then they can come and sit with the parents. When they want to exclude someone who is less than popular from an outing, the outing is off.

And then you just get out the Good Book and, in your Family Bible time, you give them an expository of James 2. Do it on a child’s level, but take it to heart in your soul, too.  It’s a powerful passage and most of us moms can use a review ourselves.

Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Sister to Sister: “Let’s Hope He’s as Easy to Get as this Birth Control.”

“OMG! He’s Hot. Let’s hope he’s as easy to get as this birth control!” So goes the Obamacare ad: Ad 1

It’s the “In-your-face, Christians” kind of advertising that no-one twenty years ago would have imagined as promotional material for a government program (It just would not have flown…even in Colorado). But shockingly immoral undertones (and sometimes blatantly irreverent overtones) seem to be the theme of some of  Obamacare’s proponents, namely Colorado Consumer Health Initiative and ProgressNow Colorado Education, the underwriters of the ads. It’s the reckless (but still relatively healthy) twenty-somethings that Obama desperately needs to anchor his plan and such organizations are  stopping at nothing to get them. The encouragement of STD-spreading sexual behavior and keg parties is just the beginning of an unbelievable congratulatory nod to unhealthy and unholy lifestyles. Take a look at a few more of these internet ads that, “if there be any virtue or anything worthy of praise” in you, will knock your proverbial socks off. Ad 3

Ad 4

Ad 6

Responsible parents of kids in their late teens and early twenties should be livid. High school principles, family court justices, child social services workers and law enforcement officials who think soberly should be disturbed as these harmful messages emanate from non-profit “health education” organizations. Of course, teens who look at these pictures of cool twenty-somethings who are enjoying the “real world” of free sex and partying-crazy drinking are, without question, negatively influenced by the implied normalcy of these dangerous behaviors. Satan, the father of lies (John 8:44), is setting his trap for America’s kids as they emerge into His “real world.” Encouraging kids to go ahead with the keg parties and casual sex in the context of claiming their “health care” is preposterous. The last time I checked “health” has to do with the preservation of the well-being of the physical body, and “care” has to do with attention given to that cause. Standing on a beer keg or hoping a “hot guy” is as easy to access as birth control is open defiance to any sort of “care” about “health”.

Here are a few more: Ad 11


Ad 9

Yes. One could totally fall. I guess themessage is clear by now. These organizations don’t really seem to care too much if you fall, if you get an STD, have an accident while skiing and drinking, or are bloody, bruised and broken. The important thing is that you’re enrolled in Obamacare.

We’ve ushered in a never-before-witnessed blatant promotion of a socialist agenda regardless of harm to those who buy in—or those who don’t, for that matter. And, in the ushering, we are ironically ushering out the principles of liberty on which the nation was founded. It seems that millions of Americans are not wise enough to see through the smokescreen of the selfish agenda for which they pay at their own peril. The message is “ So now, you can go ahead and live without consideration of harmful consequences. Sure, this lifestyle will result in bodily harm. But who cares? It’s nobody else’s business and then suddenly, when it’s time to pay the piper, it’s everybody else’s business. It’s reckless socialism advertised by in-your-face sin.

Never mind that, according to NBC news, alcohol abuse kills about 75,000 of your countrymen yearly, with an estimated 35,000 dying each year from cirrhoses of the liver, alone . Never mind that, according to the Center for Disease Control, there are 20 million new incidences of sexually transmitted diseases annually in the US, with 110 million people in the country who are currently infected. Let’s just not think about those statistics. Let’s not think about disabilities, addictions, funerals or caskets. Let’s not think about sirens, morgues, weeping or graves. Let’s put big smiles on the faces of the partiers and let’s make the prospective sex partners very good-looking. And while we’re at it, just to spread the recklessness, let’s throw in some “unconventional” grammar, too, like Now really, what kind of wisdom would you expect on a site like that?

Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Sister to Sister: A Ring of Gold

pig-snoutI thought about the Proverbs all through my day. Preparing for tonight’s podcast, it was probably a good thing, for me, that the internet was down in east Madison County through the afternoon; less distractions–more quality study time. I’m humbled when I study the wisdom from above that’s first pure, then peaceable, gentle and reasonable, full of mercy and good fruits (James 3:17). If I can only experience the practicality of this wisdom, my life will be pure and gentle. I will be at peace with my God and my conscience. I will live ready to die.

So on the drive home from the podcast, I reviewed, as I always do, some of the finer points of the discussion and I thought about some of the ways life can be better if I make some applications. Then I stopped at McDonald’s so I could catch up on the messages I’d been missing throughout the afternoon. That’s the one great thing about McDonald’s–the internet seems to always be working….Oh, and the Pumpkin Spice latte is another great thing!

She was standing there, leaning over the counter, with her bottom sticking out toward the rest of the customers. Her black t-shirt did not meet her red shorts. Her pretty blond hair was up in a messy bun. She had lots of colorful bracelets on her arms and some anklets around her flip-flop clad feet. Her mostly-worn-off toenail polish was neon green and she talked loudly to the employees and to some of the customers. She took the name of the Lord in vain and then, in tones where all could hear, she spoke about her recent pregnancy. The woman she spoke to asked the whereabouts of her baby.

She responded that the baby lives with his daddy in the very neighborhood in which I live. Then the woman asked her why she doesn’t have her baby.

“Well, because I was only 15 when I got pregnant,” she replied, “…and he was 21, so I could just say he raped me…,I really don’t care. He’s almost five months old, though, and he’s the cutest little baby.” She said it as though she had just observed a sweet little puppy in someone else’s yard.

Soon, she began a conversation with another employee and went on to describe how that some guy (she named him) had sent her a naked picture of himself. She struck the pose that apparently was in the picture. She described genitals in the very crudest of terms. By now I was sitting all the way across the restaurant from her and I could still hear every expletive. I was attempting to correspond with a lady about my lesson for this weekend: “They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. They shall mount up with wings like eagles.” But it became increasingly hard to focus as the ugly language of the devil emanated from her beautiful lips.

Lots of emotions just washed over me. I wanted to go comb my neighborhood for that baby and bring him home with me. I wanted to sit that pretty little girl down at my table and give her a dressing-down. I wanted to find her mother and then put my arms around her in pity and ask what on earth she was thinking all at the same time. I wanted to tell the manager of that McDonald’s that this filthy conversation between employees and patrons (particularly at this volume) was inappropriate. I felt shock, even in 2013, that a conversation like that was going on in a public place and several employees were participating. I felt relief that I had not brought my family or friends with me to hear this vile talk. Mostly, I just felt intense hatred for the devil.

But I had been studying the Proverbs. A couple of them came to mind.

”A child left to (herself) brings (her) mother shame,” (Proverbs 29:15).

“As a ring of gold in a pig’s snout, so is a fair woman without discretion,” (Proverbs 11:22).

She was but a child and she had obviously been left to herself. At the same time, she was a woman–a fair woman– without even a hint of discretion. She did shame her mother. She was a ring in a pig’s nose.

The final thing that she declared very loudly was that she is hoping to get a job at that McDonald’s. “I’ve applied like a hundred times. I know I’ll probably hate it here, but I like all the people…” How foolish! Does she really think she is impressing the management by her loitering, loud and loathsome behavior? By the time I left, she had been at the counter for a full hour.

One final Proverb comes to mind:

“A foolish woman is clamorous: she is simple, and knows nothing,” (Proverbs 9:13)

I hope she does get the job. I want to go back and see her again. This time I will have a printed invitation to our services with me. I will speak with her about the Lord as I should have done even tonight. As I reflect on her youth and as I try to shake from my mind the image of her immodesty and crude behavior, I realize there is a sense in which she is a victim of environment. Perhaps no one has ever spoken His name to her. Perhaps she has never been exposed to the example of even one godly woman. Perhaps her only role models have been rings of gold. She’s only 16 and the devil has already trapped her in the shadows of hell, itself. But she can still get out of his trap. There’s also this Proverb:

“The fear of the Lord is a fountain of life, that one may turn away from the snares of death,” (Proverbs 14:27).

May I have the faith to believe that people can turn away from the devil’s snares. May I have the courage to lead others to the fountain of life. May I fear Him every day. Trusting Him, may I wait upon the Lord and may He renew my strength.

Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Dear Sisters in California: I’m So Sorry.

chalkboardSometimes equations are simple: like “rock-solid-always-works-out” truth. Take 2+2=4, for instance. We know how it’s going to work out at first glance. And we get to the result quickly. But then there are complicated algebraic equations that go on and on. They have all sorts of variables thrown in, too. At first glance, we have no idea what the end result will be (and often we don’t care enough to want to work through them).

Truth is truth, though. Both the short, simple problems and the long, complicated ones have results and they will always end up the same way. Life is like that.

So what happens to a generation of kids raised largely in broken homes, going through its days and weeks with multiple sets of standards and spending seven hours in places where God cannot be mentioned, except in expletives, each day? That’s a complicated equation. Throw in some variables like MTV, ready access to pornography, and wealth like this country has never known. Maybe that scenario, working itself out over forty or so years, was just too complicated…the problem was too long for us to have seen how it would end.

But California is one state among many seeing the how the equation works out. It worked out in a pretty tangible way today. Can you believe that Governor Brown signed a bill saying that transgender kids in all elementary and secondary schools in the state of California are now free to choose which restroom… boys or girls… that they prefer to use while at school? They are now free to choose to participate in either gender of sports teams, as well. This means all restrooms on school campuses and all locker rooms and showers will be open to all transgender students.

This is insanity. Can you just imagine with me how this is going to play out? What does it take for a boy (genitally speaking) to get access to the girls‘ showers? Is there a transgender declaration to be signed? If so, can you switch up your sexual preferences mid-season? What about the girls’ softball pitcher who is from a Christian home? Apparently she has no rights of privacy or place for modesty anymore, at all. What about the girls who excel at basketball? This year at tryouts, they’ll be competing with boys (technically speaking) who are a foot taller than they are, but who are taking the transgender route of choosing the girls’ team.

Proponents say that transgender children across the state will now wake up in the morning without fear of being bullied in the restroom. What about the Christian teen girl who will fear having to use that tampon machine in front of guys? What about her modest sensibilities about sights and sounds that happen in locker rooms and restrooms? What about protective Christian parents who have diligently trained their kindergarten-aged son to respect the privacy of his sisters? Suddenly, they are going to have to explain to him that he is somehow going to have to get “comfortable” with walking into a restroom and sharing it with a fourth grade girl!?

See, the end of the equation is that California raised, with all of the aforementioned variables, a set of kids who are now adults. They are legislators and leaders in gay alliances and they are members of the state’s parent-teacher organizations. Today, they announced to the world that they’ve come up with an answer. It’s the incredulous transgender-rights-to-restrooms solution. It’s the amazing phenomenon that a biological guy can use the girls’ restroom anytime he pleases and California girls can walk in the men’s room at any school in California. Ditto to locker rooms and shower rooms for sports teams.

Sisters in California, may I just say that I’m so sorry. I know there are so many of you who are God-fearing and faithful parents. You must be devastated. Maybe you have seen this coming for a long time. Maybe that, among other reasons, is why so many of you have been homeschooling your kids for years, now. Maybe this is not shocking to you at all. But, if there are those reading who have kept your children in the public schools in California, may I say that, although I know I am removed from the situation, I cannot see how you can keep them there any longer. I hope you are outraged by such legislation and I hope you will say, “Enough is enough.” I hope homeschooling in California just immediately empties the school system of all Christians. I think the day has passed when those who are running your school systems, at the state level, are willing to give you any concessions. I think your state administered education system has been hijacked by evil people. I think, in short, the devil is rejoicing that he has your lawmakers (at least the ruling majority of them) in his corner.

Back to the equation. No matter how long and complicated the problem and no matter how many variables it has, our God, the God of truth, knows how it will turn out. He sees the end even as we are ordering the constants and the variables in the scenario. He is omniscient. He knew this sad day in California would come even as parents were making decisions of divorce, cohabitation, and profligate living forty years ago. To Him, it was still as simple as 2+2=4.

Ahh, if we, as a people, would only look to His Word and decide that we are just going to trust Him–the One who knows the ends of our choices. If we corporately would let him be sovereign in our homes, if we would parent as he has ordered and if we would seek His counsel in our government, we might still have a chance to maintain the American life we love. But He knows the end of that equation, too. He is still sovereign.

He ruleth by his power for ever; his eyes behold the nations: let not the rebellious exalt themselves. Psalms 66:7