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Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Praying Children in this New Year.

Happy New Year! 

When you married the Lord on that day when you were immersed for the forgiveness of your sins, you made vows to love, honor and obey Him in sickness and health, in adversity and prosperity, for better or for worse, for richer and for poorer—to have and to hold Him till death unites you with Him forever and ever. 

I hope this year is health and prosperity. I hope it is better and richer. I pray, for our Colley family, that it will be an easier year than the past year.—the year that has certainly been our most challenging year to date. I’m praying for all readers and for us, that no matter the ease or difficulty of the 365 days ahead of us, that it will be a year full of loving, honoring and obeying the One who died for us. I’m praying we will all have Him—His mercy, His correction, His salvation and His advocacy throughout the coming year. I’m praying we will all hold Him, clinging tenaciously to His sovereignty and His promises that are as good as accomplished. I pray that we will all have the security of claiming Romans 8:28. 

As a new year dawns, I’m thinking about the children who depend on women who may read this blog regularly. I’m thinking about their place in a world that has become so secularized that it often mocks those who even believe in a Creator. It’s a world that rejects absolute truth and the idea that one system of morality may be better than any other. It  is a world that calls what is really evil, “good,” celebrating what God terms “vile affection” and giving adherents of sin the moral high ground in society. 

There’s a big group of mamas today who are determined to make spiritual heroes and heroines of the little souls entrusted in their care. There’s an army of truth defenders arising from among our ranks in a time when the challenges for this army will be greater than any time in our country’s history. 

Some of these mamas have asked for resources for teaching our kids to pray. “How do we practically teach our kids the value, the necessity and the how-to of daily prayer? How do we help them develop this personal communication with the God Who has promised to be the refuge and strength in a time of trouble?” I surely do not know all of the answers, but I’m learning from those of you who are working so hard to do this important mama’s job. 

So for the next few posts, let’ s absorb and integrate some of these ideas and help our children and grandchildren grow up around the throne in prayer. Watch for these!

Finally, it’s snowing in north Alabama! This is Maggie’s first time to see snow and it happened at Mammy’s house! She’s three and she’s my Florida girl, so she’s pretty excited about the snow. She kept telling her mom that she could not wait for the snow to start falling while they opened up their Christmas presents (in Florida!). Well, this is our morning for cousin Christmas gifts—our first day to have them all here (without extended family) to attack that big stack of gifts in there…and Maggie’s snow has just fallen! God is good like that! 

Happy New Year! Let’s give every day of it to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit!

(And the podcast is tomorrow night!)

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