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Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Watch your Mail! They are coming!

The “shipping department” is up early this morning and he asked me to tell you they are coming. Your orders are being filled. It’s thousands and it’s a variety of combinations, so it’s a process. Most of you will get them during the first two weeks of September. August 19th orders, which are LEGION, are generally being filled first. There are two post offices now, in which we are on a first name basis. Yesterday, the postal worker from one of them, came directly to our home to help us straighten out some clerical errors. We are aware that you are waiting and we are working overtime! The best thing about DD women is your godly attitude. Thank you for your kindness in the overwhelmed times. You remind us of someone who wore the crown on a dark day!

Next, remember that you can download the text for free at Someone contacted with some concerns about difficulty in doing this. We’ve tested and examined and the folks who are downloading are not experiencing any glitches from our end. You can get started without waiting for your shipment by downloading. The download is also a great way to see if the study is something that will help you personally to grow as His child.

Finally, here’s the intro for perusal if you are on the fence. It’s going to be a great dig in the Word, but we realize there are any number (any huge number) of great studies in the infinitely powerful Word. But somewhere, in some dig, is better than on the fence, anywhere! Shovel in hand is better than holding on to the fence posts! Every moment spent in the Word, for the Christian, gives greater scope for eternal bliss! I cannot wait for the end of distant digging and the launch of the eternal part of my treasure!

Here’s the intro:


The introspective study of David and Christ will move any seeking soul. It was a sinful man to whom the everlasting crown of Israel was promised. It was the perfect God-man on whom the crown of thorns was placed. It was unbelievable elevation of the shepherd boy when David was anointed King. Jesus, already the King of Kings, left the throne of glory to become both the Gate of the Sheep and the lowly, but good, Shepherd. David’s words were, perhaps even unknowingly, often prophetic of the birth and life and death of His seed, the Christ. And the Christ, conversely, quoted, while on earth, David’s words from the  original Judaic throne: 

“David himself, said, in the Holy Spirit ‘The Lord said to my Lord, Sit at my right hand, until I put your enemies beneath your feet’” (Mark 12:35-37).  

God placed in the seed of David— merciful king but bloody warrior, protector of Abigail but adulterer with Bathsheba, humble son but failing parent, shepherd but thief of the ewe lamb (2 Samuel 12:1-13)—-yes, God placed in this man of contradiction, His seed—the Holy child Who would one day emerge from the womb of a virgin in the city of David. This royal Seed (God), preserved through the centuries by the power of the Holy Spirit of God would be conveyed into this sinful world by the placement of the Holy Seed into the womb of someone like you and me, a Jewish maiden named Mary. She didn’t even live in the city of David. But in His providence, she found her way, at just the right time, to the little city of Bethlehem, and then the King, Who eclipses in every way, all other kings, exited the womb of Mary to be laid in a feeding trough for animals in a barn, to the sounds of angels heralding his birth. For me! This plan and providence was for me. 

And all of the juxtapositions of David’s life ( and mine) find resolve in the Holy Child who grew to be the bearer of the cross and the wearer of the crown—first of thorns, then of glory (Revelation 14:14). Because He is the crowned Victor, I have  been given the amazing and sustaining hope of an incorruptible crown of glory. I’m living for the Crown. I’m a subject of His crown and a “runner” for mine (1 Corinthians 9:24-26). 

I’m praying that the deeper study of David and the Lord will help us all to obtain the imperishable crown. 

Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

DIGGING DEEP: WE’RE SHIPPING! (& read to the end for exciting news!)


God of all Comfort is my favorite DD study ever for five reasons: 

  1. The current one is always my favorite because it is what is drawing me closer to Him at the moment. 
  2. Comfort is an increasingly needed commodity at my house as we are struggling though some of the more difficult days of our lives. This is what I need!
  3. God’s comfort is unparalleled because, not only is he merciful, He is the Father of mercies (2 Corinthians 1:3). He is the One who begets all mercies, countering the devil, who is the Father of lies. 
  4. God’s comfort is one of His gifts that “keeps on giving” through His people. We comfort with the comfort with which we have been comforted of Him!
  5. The study points me directly to the end goal of heaven, increasing my faith every time I open the book. 

I hope you can be patient as you await the arrival of your books. We are hard at work today getting them mailed. (We arrived home from PTP late on Thursday night, to a house full of company, a sickness hitting our shipping department (Glenn) that has zapped his strength, and both of Glenn’s parents very ill and on hospice. We are not forgetting you and hope to get these mailed out very quickly this week! If you do want to get a jump start on the first lesson before you receive your book, a good way to do that would be to read the book of 1 Corinthians and make a list of every problem, in that church, that Paul addressed. Your list would begin with “contention about whose baptism was the ‘best’ (chapter 1) and end with “confusion about the resurrection” in chapter 15. Once you have done this part of chapter one, the rest of it should be a quick finish. As always, we know that diggers are among the best people on Earth and we are always in your debt for patience and kindness in every waiting interim. (Plus this: Glen just came upstairs and said the new label machine we purchased is cutting his shipping time in half! That’s, as he put it “The good news for today!” We needed some!)

PODCAST! The first podcast will be on September 27th at 7 pm CST: Audio podcasts will appear on the facebook page (and other places) throughout the month. I’ll update with the rest of the podcast dates for 2022 very soon. 

Invite! Keep asking friends as you think of them. I’m going to bake some bread for a neighbor and throw a book in there today. You never know. Pray for this study and that it can have wide ripples of influence. Pray that every group/individual can be a conduit for evangelism and service through the study. Finally, plan to finish. If you do, you’ll be richer. But, even if you don’t, you’ll be richer in proportion to your time in the Word. Do what you can!

Official finishers have done all the reading, answered all the questions, listened to all of EITHER the monthly podcasts OR the dig-a-bits and done every practical application. We had a large group this year (around the world) and I know we will have more in 2023. But non-finishers are winners, too. ALL time in the Word is a win! 

Finally, praise Him that the study is in the process of being translated into Telagu for study in India! Great things are happening there. Our study is going to a new continent! Now we have it in English, Spanish and Telagu! We thank Emily and Zach Holmes for this exciting prospect. They are busy all the time for souls in India!