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Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

She Washed her Robe!

Every now and then, I receive word that someone has decided to become a part of the kingdom of Christ, having been baptized to wash away her sins, as a result of having been a part of a Digging Deep group and learning the gospel there. If I only had heard this once in all my years of Digging, it would be a hundred-fold worth every bit of time and effort that all diggers have expended  in Digging Deep…and so much more. One soul is worth more than the whole world (Mark 8:36).

This week was one of those blessed times. Sandi Coccari, a woman who has done much good in her life and is, as the women in her group characterize her “just the sweetest thing,”  looked seriously at the study of the “grace space” and decided that she needed to ask some questions about her own baptism. She studied baptism with Cindy Street and her husband Jay. Cindy is the humble but deep Bible student who had invited her to the Northeast Mississippi study facilitated by Sami Nicholas. (I think Song Nicholas is also probably a pretty big help in this group meeting.) On Saturday July 22, she was baptized, by Cindy’s husband, Jay Street. I know Cindy, Sami and Song and all the ladies in that group rejoice with the angels and we all rejoice from afar. If you want to send a card and rejoice more “in-person” send me (Cindy Colley) a FB message and I will shoot you her address. I know that would be a great source of encouragement to her as she begins a new walk.

In any case, I hope you will be inviting your friends to dig with you beginning September 1st as we begin a brand new year of Digging Deep. This is a good evangelistic tool. This year of study will be our 13th. It will not be an unlucky 13. It will not be a lucky 13, either. It will be a blessed year 13 of Digging Deep. The reveal of the topic, about which I am so excited, will happen on August 19 at approximately 1:00 pm. EST. Women who are at PTP will hear it live in the “Sandwich Session” that day. It begins at 12:30.  In that session, those finishers of the “Comfort” study will be recognized and the new study will be introduced.

Those who are watching from home will get your own reveal video broadcast to you on the Digging Deep FB page simultaneously with the PTP reveal. Then the PTP session recognizing the finishers will also be available to you a little later. We hope this works for everyone. We’re trying hard with limited bandwidth in our convention center to get the word out in one traditionally fun moment.

It’s surely one highlight of my year. I hope the new study is, for you, as enriching as the writing has been for me. I always leave so much for myself–to dig and find later. I will be digging right along with you!






They have washed their robes and made them white in the blood of the Lamb. Rev. 7:14

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