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Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Here it is!…Your registration for Rome/Israel 2022

Kiss a camel, float in the Dead Sea, contemplate the cross from the vantage point of the Garden of Gethsemane, worship on the temple steps, or think about past and future persecutions of our family as you sit in the Roman Colosseum. This and so much more. For diggers and their family members only, registration for the trip to Israel and Rome is now open! (Others may register beginning in January of 2022, providing spaces are still available at that time.) To qualify as a digger, one must have participated in the Digging Deep study for any period of time (at least a month of any study) in any year.

Glenn and I are anticipating that this trip will be just as memorable, faith-building and fellowship friendly as our 2019 trip proved to be (and that trip was nothing short of phenomenal)! Three quick reasons that this trip is the absolute best way to tour the Bible lands and I will leave you to the brochure and registration form.

  1. You will not find a more scripturally sound, knowledgable, and Bible-focused tour guide than John Moore.  Many are the Christians who have told me that they went on tours with denominational or Catholic groups and, although they enjoyed seeing Bible lands, they were confident that much of the information they were given about where Biblical events occurred, was just not true. Often, false teaching can occur when those leading the tour don’t have the simple gospel and the principles of restoring New Testament Christianity at the core of their own faith. In this tour, the gospel, in its purity, informs the entirety of our educational experience.
  2. You will not enjoy (till heaven) a sweeter fellowship than what you will experience on this trip. This was the part of the trip that caught Glenn and me, by sweet surprise. We knew we would love the people on the trip because they were God’s people. But to be able to worship together on the temple steps, sing praises on Galilee’s shore together, assemble together for Digging Deep sessions near the very site where Nazareth has been unearthed in recent years or where Jesus knelt on the night before the crucifixion–to do these things together brings a closeness that you can’t imagine until you are there! On our last tour, there was not a single shred of disunity among the travelers. This was like being in the foyer of heaven, itself.
  3. Memories! You will never be able to “unsee” the wonderful things you will see. And you will not want to! These memories will be faith-growing, work-producing, eternity- enriching and evangelism-inducing! They will make you different, in a very good way! I hope you can go with us!

Here you go!

2022 – Digging Deep Bible Land Passages Tour Brochure – Israel and Rome

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