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Digging Deep Israel ’22…A Happening Thing!

Digging Deep Israel ’22 is a plan! And Rome, Italy (the site of much Pauline work and writing) is a two-day bonus on the end of our trip this time! As you know, the vaccine requirement has been lifted. We expect that even the Covid testing requirement prior to entering Israel and Italy will likely also be discontinued by October. If the Lord is willing, we are going to walk the passages of the Old and New Testament events in early November of 2022! 

If you were along in 2019, you know this was the trip of a lifetime! Any time you are looking at the actual synagogue ruins, the temple mound, the gate through which Abraham almost certainly walked, the garden where Jesus prayed, etc…you will be moved and strengthened. But to do it with Christians while stopping all along the way to sing His praises and bow with faithful believers is, in my estimation, one of the closest things you’ll do in this lifetime to heaven itself.

Some of you have made your reservations, already. Registration is NOW open for all members of the kingdom of Christ. But, if you are a present or past Digger and you want to go, hurry up and register! We will have daily Digging Deep study sessions from various locations and we will also plan to air our October podcast (early in November) from a relevant location in Israel. More details to be announced later about this!

My husband is the kind of husband who is very careful about expenditures for travel (in a good way!). He knows, that unlike many purchases we make, the “thing” we are buying cannot be later used for selling, trading, or bartering. Travel is a commodity that cannot be termed a “financial investment”, because you go on the trip and that expenditure has been permanently made. There is no cash return on the money you spent on travel. But my husband went to Israel with me in 2019 (or I went with him), and his words now are words like these and more: 

“It was far better than I even imagined. Everyone who can go, should go at least once in this lifetime. There is no way you can describe it; you just have to experience it. I am sure it would be a great thing to be on the steps of the temple in any event, but to sit on those steps, where Peter almost certainly preached the first gospel sermon, and to sing about the kingdom and pray to the Father who sent His Holy Spirit there in that powerful way…to do that with New Testament Christians who all love Him like you do, is something that you will never forget.” 

I cannot say enough about John and Carla Moore and Bible Land Passages. They are amazing. John has studied Jewish history while living among its ruins. He digs deep in Israel, in a literal way, alongside the top archaeologists of that area in our day. To say going to Israel with him is an amazing opportunity, is understating the obvious. We’re humbled by the very opportunity God has given us. Commercialization of the sites and artifacts is not what this trip is about. History is not revised in this presentation of the Bible Lands. It is examined through the lens of the sacred writings and what you will see will make you love the Bible and cling to its truths for your eternal security. The immunization requirement for Covid having been lifted, this trip will help immunize your soul against spiritual disease. It’s that good!

So here’s the “click” to the relevant information. Space is limited, so register now. I will see you in Newark, NJ on October 31st!

Digging Deep Israel_Rome BLP Brouchure – 3.15.22

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