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Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

This Retreat!

This! It’s self explanatory, but I’ve been in on the planning and this is a retreat you want to do! The women who are making sure this becomes available are sharply focused on Titus 2 and it’s tentacles all over Scripture. They are honing in on the practical applications of the phrase “keepers at home” and making sure attendees will leave with tools to be more of what God intended for wives and mothers in a culture that largely has forsaken and then forgotten the blessings of the home as God would have it!

It will be power packed with teaching about being godly helpers for our husbands…men who (if they are what God wants them to be) are living lives that are strongly resistant to the world’s mold for manhood. Our husbands need our support and encouragement. This retreat will be a direct gift to godly husbands and to your marriage.

This time will be bulging with what you will not hear from the media or self-help books —about motherhood and parenting, in general. It will contain real solutions from heaven— to disrespect, negativity toward a godly work ethic and anger in your children. It will help you see and capitalize on the strengths of your children as you build your “city” according to Psalm 127. 

It will also be very hands-on. You will be learning to do some things you may have missed as you grew up in a society that was far too “busy” to give you some of the tools that our grandmothers were given—in their kitchens and pantries and “wash rooms.”.

We’re hoping to make this an annual event, but you could still be an “original” attendee!  We hope it will make you long for a more peaceful and serene time when God was at the center of home. We hope it will give you tools to be “called out” in this area of your life. We hope it will make you confident in the Deuteronomy 6/Titus 2 choices that you are already making in your home.

You can register here: Registration will close when the three small cabins on this pretty little property are full. 

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